Wood Carport: Installation, pros and cons and Maintenance tips

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Advantages and disadvantages of wood carport
Pros and cons of wood carport

When you are thinking of installing a carport in your home, you must be encircled with many options as to which materials to pick. You are available with metal carport, vinyl carport, wood carport and many such options. When compared all of them wood carport is considered more preferred choice. Wood carport looks classy and is also quite durable and long lasting. Yes of course, you do need some maintenance with wood carport but with this gorgeous looks of wood carport, little bit of maintenance is affordable. If you are considering installing wood carport in your home, you must make proper research before arriving to the final decision. Undoubtedly, wood is great material but just like any other material, wood carport also have some drawbacks along with benefits. You also need to check whether the material is suitable with your surrounding area or not. One of another thing which you should be concerned about before going for installation is wood carport prices. You must check whether wood carport cost are affordable to you or not and also see whether the drawbacks are okay with you or not. Here are some of the pros and cons of wood carport.

Pros of wood carport

  • Strength and durability

When a structure like is built out of wood, it will avail with lots of durability and strength which is really unsurpassed. Wood carports are very much strong and long lasting and durable as compared to any other types of carport. Wood carports are not going to blow away or get damaged in extreme wind conditions also. Your structure will be proper and will not damage only if it appropriately anchored to the ground. Wood carport is not going to buckle up or dent and will last for the time period till you treat your wood appropriately for preventing water or insect damage.

  • Versatility

Wood carport is such which can be in any frame and in about any size you wish to have and hence it offers you with unlimited options as to what to protect under it. If you are having small space or you are have need to cover just a small car or any small vehicle then wood carport offers you with the option of building a small structure. If you need really tall or big structure to park a boat or a truck or a RV or any other big vehicle then, wood carport can be built to fit in any size of vehicle. You can also build up a free standing wood carport or those which can be attached to a building or a home.

  • Ease of construction

Wood structure carports are really easy for construction and it can also be installed by a DIY do-it-yourself) job with some of the basic skills of carpentry. This can really save up your much of the cost. It’s not always a necessity that when you are constructing a wood carport, you need to buy a premade structure. Carports which are made up from other materials are generally sold as a complete unit which are either assembled or installed or they are uninstalled. If you want to build a wood carport, but you don’t want to start from scratch level, then you can opt for purchasing wood carport installation kit which will make your job easier. Wood carport installation kit will be coming with all those elements which you will require to assemble the wood structure which is already measured and cut. You are also availed with more options if you are intending to build carport from scratch of your own. If you are already prepared to handle the project from level, then you need to find the design for free standing wood carport or attached wood carport then you will be able to easily implement the plans for fitting in any size structure which you want.

  • Plenty of styles

When you are building wood carport, you can design it in plenty of styles. When you are using wood, you can go for building a flat roof carport or an A frame carport or a sloped carport or any other type of roof of your choice. The only style of roof which will be problematic to implement with a roof carport will be a domed roof. However you always have the option of making supporting structure of carport out of wood and then place a flexible dome on top of it. Wood carport having flat roof are the easiest structure to build and also the strength of the wood will be able to stand up to its weight in case of heavy rain and snowfall. It’s advisable to cover the roof of the wood carport with shingles as it will avoid wood rot caused from standing water.

  • Aesthetics

In general, wood carports will look sturdier as compared to carports made from other materials. These will blend in a better way with other adjacent homes and nearby natural surroundings. Wood carports can also be stained or painted to match up with the look of your home or can also made to look like an attachment to exterior of home. Carports made from other materials like aluminum, steel and metal looks more industrial in nature and don’t blend in with style of the house.

  • Various designs

attached wood carport
Space saving attached wood carport

If you are thinking of wood carport installation in your home, you are available with many designs. When you have varied choice of designs, you can go for anything of your choice. If you want you can have an attached carport. It can be attached with your backyard or your side wall. By doing so, you can also have easy access to your vehicle. If you have a small yard, then it will also save you space. Another design can be of detached carport. If you have more space in your backyard then you can definitely opt for detached carport. Check out wood carport prices before you finalize the wood carport designs.

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Cons of wood carport


Wood carports will need more maintenance as compared to that of carports made from other materials. This is by far one of the biggest issues of using wood as a material for your carport. The least you can do to save your carport and protect it from getting it damaged from sun, insects and water is to seal every few years. For keeping its beauty intact, you can also try painting it or staining it every few years. Such carports can last for plenty of years but only if they are maintained properly or else repair and replacement expenses can be a big head ache for you. Don’t forget to have a periodic check on your carport to find out any signs of insect damage or rot for maintaining the longevity and integrity of the structure. When you are considering wood as your carport choice, you get a beautiful and versatile structure for parking your vehicle with many other advantages. The only drawback you have with wood carport is its maintenance. When you are getting such wide range of advantages, you can afford to at least maintain the beautiful structure you have installed in your home.

By getting impressed with the pros of wood carport, if you have finally decided to have one in your home, then you must be thinking about its installation in your home. Well, installation of wood carport is not that of a big deal. You can go for installing it yourself if you are a handy person. If you have done any such thing before, then with minor guidance you can easily install wooden carport in your home yourself. They can be built from scratch or can also be assembled by using wooden carport kit. If you are comfortable doing this stuff by yourself, then you are always open up with the option of calling professional experts and getting your job done by them. On a contrary situation if you are thinking of doing it yourself then you need proper planning for getting success in your project. Before you even initiate with the project, you need to check out your local city and building codes and select proper plans for your needs. Your carport installation and building depends upon the type of vehicle you own. In several cases, building permissions is needed. Hence make sure you are having all the needed permits before you begin your work. Here is a list of things and tools you need while installation of wooden carport along with its process.

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Tools and materials

  • tools for wood carport installation
    Wood carport installation tools


  • Braces
  • Posts
  • Rafters
  • Top ridge
  • Shingles
  • Underlayment
  • Roofing
  • Bottom rafters
  • Screws
  • Safety gloves
  • Glasses
  • Miter saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill machinery
  • Drill bits
  • Chalk line


  • Put on some coats of wood stain on the wood elements.
  • Fill up all the holes properly with wood filler and then smoothen the surface
  • Plumb every side of the bench with spirit level
  • Keep aside minimum one day for the work


  • wood carport installation
    Installation of wood carport

    The first and foremost step for any such outdoor project is laying out the carport and digging out the post holes. Hence, it is suggested to use batter board and also string when you are marking up the perimeter of your carport. Ensure that the diagonals are equal and the corners are also right angled. You must adjust the size of the carport depending upon your car.

  • There are plenty of ways through which you can set up the wooden posts into its place. You can go for setting up the posts into concrete or pour up the footing and also use up post hangers. Setting up the post into concrete based upon the size of carport will avail your structure with the best support. You have to dig three deep holes into the ground and then set up the post and plumb all of them with a spirit level before you start filling the tube forms with help of concrete.
  • Allow the concrete to dry out for some days before you start installing the supporting beams. Attach beams on the top of the posts and then check out whether they are properly horizontal before you drill out the pilot holes and insert the carriage bolts.
  • For reinforcing the structure of the carport, it is recommended to attach beams to your posts like in the free plans. Cut each of the ends of the braces at sharp 45 degrees and also see if the posts are plumb before you attach them into their proper place. Work with proper care and attention and align them properly at both the ends. Follow these steps if you want to get this job properly done.
  • The next step of this project is building rafters and fitting them into their own place. You have to attach the rafters with the top ridge with one of its ends and support the beams at the opposite ends. Place all the rafters with giving equal space, if you are intending to achieve professional result.
  • For securing top ridge into its own place, it’s advisable to fit the rafters at both the ends of the roof. Make use of a spirit level to ensure that the top ridge is properly horizontal. After that install the remaining rafters with the structure.
  • Constructing a rafter is not a tough step, but it’s essential to pay some attention to planning and make use of a quality miter saw for proper angel cuts. Construct the bottom rafters from the 2*6 lumbers whereas the regular rafters should be built from 2*4 lumbers. Align each and everything before you lock up the components altogether with 5 and half galvanised screws.
  • Drill out the pilot holes through bottom part of the rafters and insert the screws into the support beams on each of the sides of the RV carport. If you want a professional result, make sure no gaps are left in between the components.
  • The last step for wood carport installation is to build up the roof of the carport. Firstly, you need to attach plywood sheets of ¾ sizes over the rafters by using the same method which is described in the plan. Mark up the line before you start adjusting the width by using a circular saw. Attach all the plywood sheets with the rafters and lock up all of them in their proper place by using proper sized screws ensuring that there is not even a single gap in between them.
  • Try to cover up the roof of your wood carport with tar paper and lock them up with plywood roofing with staples. After that, you can try installing asphalt shingles by following the manufacturer’s instruction. These shingles must overhang the roof which should be about on each and every side of the construction.
  • When you are done with all of this, now the time is to add proper finishing touches. Fill up each and every hole with the putty and then leave it as it as to dry out for certain hours before to start to smoothen the surface with the sandpaper. Ensure that all the screws are inserted appropriately and components are aligned at both the ends.
  • Apply some of the coats of paint or stain to your wood carport. This will help you to protect your wood carport from decaying. After that all you need to do is to park your RV in proper manner and check whether it is properly done or not.

Tips to maintain wood carport

maintaining wood carport
Maintenance of wood carport

Wood is beautiful but a material which needs maintenance. Hence when you have a wood carport installed in your home, you need to be proactive and take extra efforts to maintain it and make it more long lasting. Here are some of the useful tips for maintain your wood carport.

  • Clean it once in a while

If you want to maintain your wood carport, one of the essential thing you have to do is to clean it every once in a while. Cleaning it regularly will make it long lasting. When you clean it regularly, there will not be any issue of mold or mildew or rot which will in turn increase the life of your wood carport. You can use power washer for cleaning your wood carport. Be careful while using power washer as many times it can damage your carport. If you want to avoid using power washer, you can try a mixture of mild dishwashing liquid and warm water and clean your carport with this solution.

  • Have a regular check

Check your wood carport once in a while. Doing this will enable you to know if there is any damage or any other issue with your carport and needs to be repaired. Checking it regularly will let you detect any prevailing issue at an early stage and get it repaired soon.

  • Repair it when needed

If you spot any minor damage in your wood carport, you must be proactive and repair it as soon as possible. When ignore any minor damages in your carport, it can be major with time and when left untreated. Hence repairing it in the initial stage only will help you to save much of your expenditure on a later date.

  • Paint it every few years

Wood is such a material which is susceptible to damage very soon. When it starts getting damaged, it will lose its beauty and its fabulous look. If you want the look of your wood carport back, you can try painting it. Many of the times your carport is attached to the side walls of your home structure and when it looks dull and old, it makes your home to look so. Hence give a coat of paint to your wood carport every few years to bring back its charm and beauty.

  • Stain your wood carport

As we all know wood carport is susceptible to water damage. One of the easiest ways to tackle this damage is to stain your wood carport. This will stop the wood from rotting and make the life of your structure long avoiding any major damage and repairs.

  • Good resale value

As compared to other types of materials, when you have wood carport installed in your home, it will make a good impact on the value of your home. You can have some extra price if you have well installed wood carport in your home. As a home owner you must think about the market value of house.

Here was a full guide as to pros and cons of wood carport, its whole installation process and its tips for maintenance. If you are thinking of installing them, this can be really helpful in getting idea about it.

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