Window Blind: Process, Tools and Benefits

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Window Blind installed
Lady passing by the window blinds

Rather than spending huge amount of bucks to get someone install window blinds for you, why not trying it on your own? The process of DIY window blind installation is very easy. The process is not as much difficult as you are thinking. No doubt, installing new window blinds is a confusing task. There are many important things like materials, tools and accurate style of window blind selection. Before installing window blinds decide where the window blinds are going to install. Decide whether you are planning of installing the blinds on the interior side or the exterior side of the windows. Window frames, size of the blinds, length and proper measurements are important and should be noted by the home owners.

There are different types of window blinds available. Even home owners have the choice of selecting different textured and shades in blinds. But keep that in mind, functionality is as important as aesthetics when buying new window blinds. Before making any hasty decisions, it is advisable of performing a small task that offers a better idea of its functionalities, and aesthetics.

Follow the instructions while buying window blinds:

  • Shop around your home premise to the retail stores and on the internet. It offers better clarity of different types and styles of window blinds for your home windows.
  • Don’t forget to select a window blind that is suitable to your interior decor. Pick a style of blind that replicates your home decor. Few examples are mini vertical blinds, Roman styled blinds and Venetian window blinds.
  • While selecting the window blinds, don’t forget to pay more emphasis on its functionalities. Consider the functionality as the basic feature of your window blinds. And the functionalities are light filtering, blackout and the glare control by the blinds.
  • Window blinds are also installed and popular for its privacy feature and also offers better control over maintaining the temperature at your home.
  • Think about how you will clean the window blinds. Blinds are not so easy in cleaning because of its structure. Most of the hard surfaces will clean with a little amount of soap, water and efforts. And if opting for fabric material blinds then it can only be vacuumed.
  • Be attentive while focusing on its operations. Select the type of window blinds that are ease in operating. Some types of window blinds not only roll up from bottom to top but many of them also roll up from top to bottom.
  • It is advisable of testing the window blinds before purchasing it for the home. Considering blinds operative by using a remote control is more relevant. Because it can be operated if you are not close enough from your windows.
  • Decide that installing window blinds would be a Do It Yourself project or you need a professional help. Selecting a retail store offering installation and measuring services is more convenient.
  • Tip: People with allergies, cloth blinds are not recommended for the use. Because dust particles get trapped in the cloth and usually cannot be thoroughly washed.
  • Don’t forget to stick within your decided budget. Selecting the window blinds, staying within your budget is advisable. There are varied ranges of prices that are available in window blinds. If you have a larger budget, recommending and taking the suggestion of a department store or a designer is beneficial.
  • They offer a better way of tailoring the window blinds to fit in each of the window. Home improvement stores offers less expensive option of window blinds in standard sizes. Once made a final decision, sit back and enjoy the view of window blinds for your windows.
Window Blind mounted on the windows
Women Window Blinds

To install window blinds, measure the dimensions for the outside and the inside mounting and make a process of purchasing the blinds keeping in mind the measurements. Use a drill for attaching the brackets, place the head rail into the brackets, and now attach the valence to the head rail. Lastly secure the window blind wand, and that’s it you need to complete the process of window blind installation.

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Here is the quick view of how to install the window blinds and other window treatments. Most of the window treatments require fewer tools and are easy in installing on your own. Below stated steps are among the most basic types of window blind installation steps. Be equipped by having the following tools before you begin:

  • Measuring tape
  • Screw driver
  • Drill
  • Level

Select your appropriate category of window blinds and let’s get started.

Window blinds installation process:

Measuring the window:

Measuring the window is mandatory. You need to perform this step to know and ensure that you are not buying an incorrect size of window blind. Make the use of handy measuring tape. It helps in measuring and determines the size of the window.

Decide where you want to mount the window blinds. You can either mount it on the outside or on the interior side of the casing. If planning of hanging the blinds on the exterior side, your window will appear to be larger in size.

If hanging the window blinds on the interior side of the casing, it makes your window look slimmer. Mounting the window blinds inside also allows more light to shine around the edges of the window blinds.

Start measuring the outside mounts of the window. Measure the outside edges of the casing that is surrounding the window. Measuring the exact length of the window is essential. From the top of the window to the bottom of the window, accurate measurements are important. Or measure it until the sill of the window if present.

If mounting the window blind inside the casing, follow the instructions. Put the measuring tape on the interior side of the casing where the glass of the window meets up the casing. Measure the width of the window, the middle, bottom and the top. Found any difference in the numbers? Consider the smallest figure to provide a base to your measurements of the window.

Purchase the window blinds according to the measurements:

Women taking measurements for Window blind
Window blind measurements taken by a women

There are varied types of window blinds available. It is bit difficult for the home owners to judge and select a suitable window blind for the windows. There is much different kind of options of blinds to choose from. Wood blinds, aluminum blinds, vinyl blinds and PVC blinds are certain examples. But the choice of window blinds you will make should be based on your personal preference.

Different blinds have different functions. Make sure you are taking a correct decision while selecting window blinds for your home. Planning of putting on the aluminum blinds for your kids room or in a nursery? Make sure the edges of the blinds are not harsh. They should be well painted with different colors. Using certified lead free paint suits well.

Impress and make the mounting marks:

Unpack the window blinds you purchased, and make sure that all the parts are available and present there. There is always an instruction manual attached that comes with the blinds. Following the steps from the instruction manual offers a better understanding of installing the window blinds.

Making some pencil marks on the window is advisable. It helps you in knowing where exactly you need to mount the brackets. For mounting the window blinds outside, hold it up so that the head rail is properly leveled and centered with your window casing. Head rail is the top most part of window blinds. And window casing are the two vertical slats that offers a frame of the window installed.

Use a pencil and make a pencil mark right below the head rail on each and every side of the window casing. Don’t forget to make one fourth of an inch past on the end of each head rail. While mounting the window blinds inside the window, start placing the head rail inside the window casing. It should be leveled properly. Keeping your handrail leveled is advisable even if you window is not leveled accurately. And make the pencil marks below the head rail on each of the end of the casing.

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Hold the end brackets and open the bracket door:

Place the brackets inside the pencil marks you made on the window casing and frames. Basically there are two open sides of the brackets. One of them should face out towards you and the other should face towards the center of the window installed. But the bracket door should face towards the interiors of the room.

If it is found that the bracket doors are tricky to use? Consider it, by trying to open it with the use of screw driver or with one of your fingers.

Drilling time:

Window blind drilled in the window frame
Drilling the Window blinds

Mark the regions where you are going to drill. Make the use of pencil and mark the spots where the need of drilling the pilot holes is required. There should be tow pilot holes of them. While drilling the pilot holes, choose two diagonal holes to drill into the pilot holes. It offers better clarity and assured that the brackets are sturdier in nature. It won’t move from its place.

Take the brackets away from the window casing and hold up the level to the two holes for knowing that it is measured and placed in a level manner. For placing an outside window blind, the bracket should be placed on the exterior side. The brackets should be faced on both the side of the window casing.

For mounting the window blinds inside the window, the brackets should be placed up against the inside top most corner on each side of the window and the frame.

Time to drill the holes for the screws:

Basically, each and every types of bracket comes with two screws. As you are going to drill the holes into the wood frames, using a 1/16th inch diameter driller to make the hole is advisable. The hole is slightly smaller than the screw that offers better secure way of holding the brackets.

While drilling into a plaster, drywall, stone or brick, or tile, it is advisable of using an accurate plugs, screws or anchor. It helps in gripping the brackets better on its place. Following the specific instruction manual that is attested to it is recommended.

Place the valance:

Using valance is mandatory. Valance is in the form of clips. These clips are used for attaching the head rail to the valance. Basically, valance is what covers the head rail that makes the head or the top most part look a bit more decorative. It works as a beautifying agent on the head rails.

The valance clips must be snapped above the front lip of the head rail before the head rail is inserted into the brackets on the window casing. Generally, window blinds are made up of ladders of blinds. If you find your blinds like ladders, in this situation, snap each and every valance clip into the place next to the top of each ladder. Don’t place it directly on the top of it.

If the clips are placed directly on the ladder blinds, it might be possible that the clips get caught in the cords of the window blinds. Be conscious while placing the valance because it might also end up by spoiling the process of window blind installation.

Place the head rail into the brackets:

Brackets are mounted for placing the head rails on its top. Once you have finished drilling the brackets into the place. It is advisable of keeping in mind the further structure. Make sure that the bracket doors are wide open and then insert the head rail into the brackets. Once you have snapped the bracket doors, situated the head rail and close the window doors. Make sure you are able to hear an audible snapping noise when you shut off the doors.

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Valance attaching process:

The head rail should be placed in a position you would like it to be. Place the valance at that position, which is comfortable for you. And rest it on the top surface of the valance clips. When you are done with positioning the clip the way you would like. Press it gently towards down so that the clips snap into the valance. Before pressing it down, hold it on to its place for better installation.

Time to secure the blind wand:

Each and every window blind is attached or accompanied with a wand for operating it. If your window blinds came up with the wand for closing and opening them, use it. And if it did not come attached to the blinds, purchase it from the market and attach it right away.

Push up the plastic sleeves of the hook and insert the blind wands into the hooks attached. After that slide the plastic covering back down from the end. And here you go with one of the easiest way of installing window blinds.


Basically, there are many tools that sound helpful for the home owners while performing the process of installing window blinds. It is good to act like a professional while carrying the process further. Tools that are required are:

  • A battery operated screw driver
  • Phillips and standard screw driver bits
  • A hex head driver
  • Measuring tape made up of steel tape
  • Utility knife
  • scissors
  • A leveler
  • Important stuffs of blinds like head rail, brackets, valance clips and valance
  • Lots of screws
  • Pencil for marking up the areas
  • A drilling machine for screwing the caps and brackets of the blinds into the walls or frames.

Benefits of window blinds:

Wooden Window blinds
Window blind wooden style

Window blinds are installed for its safety and beneficial means. Installing window blinds at your home is one of the efficient and easiest ways to instantly change the look of the room. But might be thinking that why to choose blinds over curtains, right? Here are the key advantages that offer a better exploration about your mindset for window blinds:

  • Window blinds is beneficial for providing more control over the amount of sunlight entering your home premise. Because you can cover some part or the entire window according to your own needs.
  • There are countless colors, styles and patterns available in window blinds. Window blinds are available in endless varieties of patterns that allow you to create a perfect look in your living room, kitchen or your bathroom.
  • Both in the terms of price and style, window blinds offers you with varied choice of materials. Examples like: plastic blinds, bamboo blinds and PVC blinds.
  • If you are thinking, maintaining window blinds is a tough task, you are thinking it wrong. In fact maintaining the window blinds are typically very easy to maintain. Many of the blinds simple needs a quick wipe with a damp cloth for cleaning it.
  • Want to enjoy complete privacy? Window blinds work as your option. Window blinds offer a level of privacy that you cannot get from any of such option like curtains. For the ultimate privacy control reason, window blinds work best and suitable in your home.


Always reading the instruction manual attached with the blinds is recommended. Also taking the help of someone to help you holdup the blinds is helpful. While using the tools for installing the window blinds, take proper guidance. If you have never operated a drill, getting the help of someone who knows it to use is highly advisable. Because it might turn up to a nightmare for the home owners using drilling machine for the first time.

Window blind installation is considered as Do It Yourself process that is easy and simple for the home owners. Just follow the instructions and steps and here you go with best type of window blind installation for your home.


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