Which is a better pick, hardwood or softwood flooring?

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
option to go for hardwood or softwood flooring
Picture showing the difference between hardwood or softwood flooring

The decision making for choosing the right flooring seems to be an intimidating one, but it is not so. Just decide with a calm mind that which type of flooring you require along with the design and style, and get a proper person to install it for you.

When you have decided upon installing wooden flooring, the question arises whether to go for hardwood or softwood. The advantage of softwood is that it is way cheaper and makes it easy for tasks like nailing, drilling, etc. It saves you money and time too. Softwood can be hardened by applying polyurethane finishes.

But when we talk about hardwood, it scores over softwood with its long lasting capability and elegant looks. It is not prone to strains and easy to clean as it is dust free. Hardwood flooring can be re-sanded too which increases its lifespan. It is expensive, but quality wise it is a better choice.

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