What is spray foam insulation?

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017)
Contractor performaing spray foam insulation
spray foam insulation actioned by the expert

A special kind of building insulation which is generally used in ceilings, walls and any parts in your house is called Spray foam insulation. If you are a resident of an extreme weather condition based nation then this is the insulation process that you must adopt. Through this process you can keep the temperature of the room increased when it is cold outside and in the summer season you can keep the interiors quite cool and comfortable.

A number of chemical solutions and polyurethane are being used to make the specific kind of spray foam that is generally used in this insulation. This insulation process is apparently easy but if you plan to apply it all by yourself then you must maintain all the safety measures that are prescribed. The foam generally expands when it is sprayed and makes the place more solid and it gets dried up quite rapidly too.

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