What are the Different Types of Curtains

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2016)
Plenty of types of curtains
Different types of curtains

When it comes for choosing the right type of curtain which is more suitable for your home and which will give elegant look to your home, it becomes difficult for choosing such. Yes, you might be thinking that there must be different types of curtains available in the market which can be placed in your home for a better look, which can be matched with the color of your window or the walls, etc. there are different shapes, colors, and patterns available in the market for which you can go for. The way you want the fabrics, its finishing, its shades, etc can be gained by the home owners for their home.

No doubt budget is also the important factor which is kept in mind at the time of purchasing the curtains for your home. Some of the people want it to be simple and chap which can be affordable, while some has different perception like it must be colorful and which applies with luxurious look to their home. Well, all your answers will be available to your with the help of this article.

Types of curtains

  • Box Pleated Curtains are considered to be the simplest and the common type of curtain which you will observe in all homes. It is like a shape of the box and consists of pleats in it which gives it a flow of drop to your window. No doubt there are different colors available in the market for which can increase the look of your home. It is considered to be cheap as compared to other curtains in the market.
  • Cased Heading Curtains are also the most commonly installed curtains which are observed in most of the house. This type of curtain is stitched and used for light weighed fabrics or the net which are not be closed or opened on a frequent manner. These curtains are for show which can increase the look of your home. These curtains can be considered as more costly than other curtains available in the market.
  • Eyelet Curtains are considered best for the kids room because it is easy to open and can be tackled by the kids too. The eye catching effects and the fabrics which are used in it increase the look of your home. It has different patterns which can be taken into considered at the time of installing it in your home. This type of curtains can give luxurious look to your home or the room where it is installed.
  • Sheer Curtains are just meant for better lighting for the window in the room where it is installed. It has the sheer look bit transparent so that you can easily see from the window without lifting up the curtains or making it move. There are different types of patterns available in the market for sheer curtains and not only that according to me sheer curtains can be installed in light colors so that it can give a luxurious look to your home. This type of curtains is bit costly as compared to other curtains.
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