What are organic shingles?

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
organic shingles installed for Eco friendly roofing
Mounting of organic shingles for roofing

Many different companies have been manufacturing the organic shingles for several years now. To put it in a simple manner, the organic the organic shingles are basically paper that has been recycled and then saturated with asphalt for making it waterproof. After that, an application of a good coating of adhesive is made on it.

Then, it is embedded with ceramic granule. The shingles that are algae resistant may have some part of tin or copper.
The organic shingles often come with a warrantee period of about twenty five to thirty years. There is a problem with the asphalt shingles regarding crumbling down and premature failure. This happens mainly in the areas that have a lot of sleet, snow, rain and a lot of high winds with rapid change in the temperature. The organic shingles are being rapidly replaced by the fiberglass shingles by most of the manufacturers.

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