Ways To Ventilate Your House

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)
Ventilating your home for better insulation
Ventilating your home for improved insulation

One of the extremely important features of any house is ventilation which many of the homeowners did not pay attention. There are several ways to ventilate your house. Which among all is the best way to ventilate your house depends upon the type of house you own; you’re surrounding area and such other factors. Many of the people have a perspective that opening window will be sufficient to ventilate your house but it is not so. A proper mechanical system should be installed in the house to get the right amount of ventilation needed by your home. In previous time, home were without ventilation and they were okay with it but now the time has changes and the circumstances and surrounding has also changed and thus is extremely important to ventilate your house. Here are some of the ways to ventilate your house.

  • Natural ventilation

In natural ventilation, the home is designed in such a way that it is perfect to get rid of the stale air and bring in the natural and fresh air. One of the easy ways is to create a solar chimney. By doing so air will be naturally heated by the sun and get in the house and stale air will go out through the vents placed near the top of the home. It’s a very energy efficient way to ventilate your house. Many people think open windows are best way of ventilating your house, but they open their window only in summer and rest of the time of the year it is closed.

  • Exhaust-only mechanical ventilation

It is very common strategy for ventilating your house. Here a small exhaust fans is placed in those part of the home where there is lack of ventilation and where it is most needed. Most probably it is placed in the bathroom; it either works intermittently or continuously. It throws the stale air or moisture generated in the bathroom and lets the fresh and clean air enters the bathroom. It is also placed in the kitchen when there is heat due to cooking. An exhaust fan will throw the heat out of the kitchen and help in efficiently ventilating your house.

  • Supply-only mechanical ventilation

As the name suggests, there is fan which brings in the clean and fresh air and the stale air goes out through air leakage spots and cracks in the house. The supply of air gets delivered from one location to other through ducts or forced air heating system. This supply of air pressurizes the home which is a positive thing in ventilating your home efficiently. But there is also a negative effect, extreme pressure can lead the air or moisture to get into the wall and create problems.

  • Balanced ventilation

The best ventilation system is the balanced ventilation system. This means separate fans should be kept for to inlet and outlet of air flow. By doing so both things are perfect and there is no chance of ventilation issues as well as moisture issues. Thus, if you are trying to ventilate your house then go for balanced ventilation system.

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