Ways To Maintain Your Painted Walls

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)
Maintaining your painted walls with care
Maintain your painted walls properly

Maintaining your painted walls is such an important thing which you might not understand. If you care for your painted walls then after passage of several years also they look like new and fresh but if they are not taken proper care of then they can look dull and old. Maintaining your painted walls is not a big thing but you just need to learn the easy and effective methods. Here are some of the ways to maintain your painted walls.


  • Dust your way to clean walls

For maintaining your painted walls, you need to clean the dust from your walls on regular basis. In most of the rooms, the easiest and simplest way to get rid of the dirt and dust cobwebs which shorten the life of your painted walls is to run a simple microfiber cloth fixed on a long handled sweeper on your walls every couple of months. If you think that maintaining your painted walls is complex job as you have to remove pictures or frames from the walls or you have to move your furniture then you are wrong. You don’t need to do any of these things. Those areas of the wall which are covered by one or the other thing don’t get much dirty so while you are maintaining your painted walls, you don’t need to think about those areas. Even if these areas become slightly dirty, it doesn’t matter as they are not seen anyway. When you take steps towards maintaining your painted walls, you usually forget your ceiling. Yes due to gravity, ceiling is not that dirty but despite of the gravity, ceiling also get lightly dirty and it is important to clean them if you want to properly maintain your painted walls. You would not be taking more than ten to fifteen minutes to clean a whole room.

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Another way of maintaining your painted walls and taking dust of your walls is vacuuming the walls with soft brush this is also effective. Apart from this the old method of grandma is also very much effective which is to wrap a clean white cloth around the head of a broom and clean your walls with that.

  • Wash kitchen and bath walls

When you cook, the steam and air which gets produced while cooking, sticks on the kitchen wall and make it dirty, sticky and dull. Thus if you really want to maintain your painted walls then clean up the residue of the cooking from the painted areas of the kitchen. Even bathroom are such where the moisture and steam sits on your painted wall and make it sticky and ugly so you must also focus on cleaning and washing up bathroom walls while thinking of maintaining your painted walls. Give special focus to other rooms also if they have fireplace or wood burning stove or are regularly being used by children’s. Children’s usually have the tendency to paint the walls with their own favorite crayons or paints and this thing will definitely ruin the original paint of your room. And thus for maintaining your painted walls, you must clean those rooms on frequent base which have more probability of getting dirty. Start cleaning from the bottom. If you really want to maintain your painted walls, then mix up water and soap in a bucket and bub it softly with a natural sponge on the wall. Pick a small area and wash and rinse it after it is done move up pick another area and repeat the same process. Make sure the upper are partially overlaps the downwards area so that each and every part of the wall is covered. Just cleaning is not enough for maintaining your painted wall, after cleaning don’t forget to dry it with a towel.

  • Prepare your own wall washing soap

House made mixtures of soap are really a good option for maintaining your painted walls. Such mixtures are really easy and simple to make and they are really inexpensive. These house made cleaners are really as good as the commercial ones. For making this mixture, you should mix 1 cup of borax and some of the dishwashing liquid and mix it up in one gallon of warm water. You can find this stuff in any supermarket. Apart from this you can also dishwashing liquid with one cup of ammonia in a bucket of water.

  • Test your painted walls before cleaning them

To wash up all those glossy and semi glossy painted walls which is usually used in kitchen and bathroom is really safe when you want to maintain your painted walls. Even satin paint and modern flat paints are also easy and safe to wash but still it is advisable to test them. Try it on just a little spot. If paint of your wall chalks off on your sponge then don’t wash rest of the part of the wall or else your paint will come off. Never ever try to wash your painted wall with trisodium phosphate or else it will dull the finish of your paint you can do it only when you are going to repaint your wall.

  • Wash high traffic areas

While maintaining your painted walls, sometimes you feel lazy and tiring and you don’t want to wash the entire room then you can just focus on those areas which are high traffic or you can also focus on switch boards as they are the areas which are used most on a wall and needs to be cleaned if you want to maintain your painted walls. Even thermostats are such a thing which needs to clean on occasional basis. Even focus on the areas behind the sofa as it is such a place where dust or even your hair get tangled and it can leave stain or spot on your painted wall and if you want to maintain your painted walls then you must clean such areas of the house. Even areas behind TV, fridge or any such electric things accumulate dirt and dust much and needs to be cleaned.

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