Ways To Fix A Clogged Vacuum

(Last Updated On: March 8, 2017)
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Vacuum cleaner is one of the most simple machines but it is most useful and effective one. You don’t like to sweep your floor every day or clean the sofa and carpet on routine base, that’s when vacuum cleaner comes into picture. Vacuum cleaner is one of the easiest and quickest ways to clean your house. It the basic fundamental of its working is that it takes the air in from one end and then blows it out from the other end. While this process of incoming and outgoing is there, the air passes through a filter and passes into a closed woven bag which is specifically designed for accumulating all the dirt and grit and solid waste which is carried in the vacuum with the stream of air. However after some point of time, your vacuum starts to malfunction and one of the most common reasons behind it is clogged vacuum. If you are facing the same problem of clogged vacuum, you can fix it by yourself. Fixing a clogged vacuum is very easy; you just need some patience and right steps for fixing a clogged vacuum. To help you out, here are some of the steps to fix a clogged vacuum and get it working right.

  • Ensure that vacuum is actually clogged

The first step of fixing a clogged vacuum is to make sure that it is actually clogged; you cannot just assume on your own that it is clogged if it is not working properly. The first thing you need to check is the cleaner bag. Make sure that it is not full. While checking it, if you see that it is not full then also its better to keep it empty for better functioning of your vacuum cleaner.

  • Do it again

While fixing a clogged vacuum, you would have empty your bag and this will result in making some extra air flow so that they can drag the blockage with the help of cleaner and then unclog it.

  • Get rid of vacuum tube

While fixing a clogged

Getting rid of vacuum tube
Removing vacuum tube

vacuum, sometimes you have to remove the vacuum tube. If you are having a cylinder cleaner or a canister, the majority of chances of the blockage spot are the vacuum tube. Hence if you want to fix a clogged vacuum, you have to remove the vacuum tube and clean it.

  • Check the tube

While fixing a clogged vacuum, hold the vacuum tube straight and see through it to check for the dirt. If the tube is very long and you don’t have anyone with you to hold it, you can hang it over a stair banister and then you can have a look into it. Another option is to lay the tube on the floor and then take a look in it. If you are not able to see clearly through vacuum tube then it is confirmed that there is blockage and you need to fix a vacuum blockage.

  • Push blockage through tube

Majority of the vacuum tubes are 1 ½ inches in diameter and hence you can easily fix a clogged vacuum by pushing the blockage by using a broom handle. First of all, you need to find which end of the tube is nearest to the blockage so that you know the shortest and easiest ways to bring it out. For fixing a clogged vacuum, you need to insert the handle of the broom in the tube which is farthest from the blockage. If the handle of the broom is not that long then you can make use of concertina construction for tube and fold it along the handle of the broom till it reaches the blockage. Push it hard and get the blockage totally clear.

  • Upright vacuum

Many of the times when upright vacuum stops functioning well when you are not even using the tube attachment then it should be checked for the blockage but in slight different manner. This is one of the ways to fix a clogged vacuum.

  • Examine the under part of vacuum cleaner head

Ensure that the band which is driving the beater roller is in its appropriate place. If it is not in place then this is the reason why you need to fix a clogged vacuum. The main issue is that the motor is not connected with the fan which drives the air.

  • Get the bag disconnected


Getting rid of vacuum bag
Removing vacuum bag

e sure to disconnect the bag from the cleaner head just the way you are going to empty it. Usually any of the blockages will be below the connection of the bag and it can be easily pulled out.

  • Check the panels

You will have upright panels which will also have fitted inspection panels. You can also check the handbook if you are not aware where they are located. You might find the blockage behind one of them.

Many of the times it’s the need of fixing a clogged vacuum, the actual reason of malfunctioning of your vacuum can also be a leak. Vacuum cleaner hose are usually used for dragging the machine around the floor and meanwhile in this process it can also get damaged. This can lead to leak in the vacuum hose and can also cause decrease in suction. There will be a huge need to repair the hose and need to restore the entire function to the vacuum cleaner. Hence while fixing a clogged vacuum, also check for the leak. If you find any leak, you need to take proper steps for repairing it. Repairing leak in the vacuum is also a DIY process only. For this first of all you need to find the leak and see whether it is close to the end of the tube or not. It’s good if it is close as it will be easy to repair. After that you need to clean the leak and stretch the tube and then again seal the leak. Get rid of the broom pole and remove the blockage and you are done with repairing the leak in the vacuum hose.


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