Ways To Decorate Your Front Yard

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Decorating your front yard
Tips of decorating your front yard

Have you even seen your neighboring house and thought you want to make your home stand out like theirs? If yes then you are no different than others. Everyone wants their home to look different and more beautiful as compared with others. You can do this by decorating your front yard. Front yard is the part which every passerby will look at. The first image of your home will be created by seeing your front yard. Hence if you want to make your home stand out from other, you need to decorate your front yard. You can use trendy lightings and decorations for decorating your front yard. Make your neighbors envy by adding a spectacular decoration to your front yard. Here are some of the ideas and tips for decorating your front yard. Try these front  yard decor ideas and see the change.

  • Buy trendy lights

The best way to decorate your front yard is to add some trendy lighting. However lighting can be real costly. You must find the right time to buy lightings for decorating your front yard. Now the demand of lighting is very high during Christmas. Just after Christmas is over, the price of lighting drops gradually. This is right time to go for buying lighting to decorate your front yard. You can also try shopping for lights online. You can get real low price online and sometimes they also provide you with the benefit of free shipping.

  • Check out for your electrical outlets

Make sure you are not overloading your power source while decorating your front yard with lights. Check out whether you are having any porch light or any outside outlets. If yes then it will be the power source for your lightings that you are going to add. You can also consider adding up outdoor outlets if you are short of any. This option is really very much inexpensive and also easy and if you are DIY person then this is the best option. You can also try stringing an extension cord from an outside area into your home and to your lights. You can also power up the outside lights from indoor outlet by stringing an inside extension cord inside your home from where it will power up your lights.

  • Check your front yard for deciding the spot for lights

Ideas for front yard decor
Front yard decor ideas

Haphazardly placing lights for decorating your front yard is not going to work in an efficient manner. Hence before installing the lights, you must evaluate your front yard to find the perfect spot for lights. If you are having a tree then it is the best place to add up the lights for decorating your front yard. Put up the lights around the trunk in spiral form and hang yup the wind lights on the branches to make your front yard look magical. You can try installing ice lights on the roof of your home or add up spiral lights around banisters and railings. Use anything which you have for decorating your backyard to make your front yard beautiful and your home more unique. By adding lights for decorating your front yard will also make your home to look bigger as it will make you see those corners which you were not able to see due to darkness. If you are having fences then you can also add lights on your fence for decorating your front yard.

  • Choose the right type of light

There are plenty of types of lights in the market. Some lights will be for festivals, some will be for occasions, and some will be for holidays. Check out the market and see which type of light will suit up with your home. Before buying any type of lighting, you must get some knowledge about the types of lights. You can try installing mini lights or let’s say net lights which are the basic kind of lights which will go with go on houses or even landscaping. This can work well for decorating your front yard. Another type of light is icicle light, also known as C series lights. These lights will also go great for decorating your front yard as they can drape down and suit well with your roof. You can also go for plastic lights or blow mold lights which have the sculpture of Santa or deer and they can be placed throughout your front yard for decoration. Another type of light used for decorating your front yard is C9 light. These are colorful and bulbous lights which will go beautifully on the yard perimeter.

  • Adjust the lights

Colorful lights for front yard decor
Decorating front yard with colorful lights

If you want to decorate your front yard in a way that your whole home stand out from other then you need to observe what your neighbors are doing or have done. After that, try to be creative and make the most of your space and lights. If you are having a small home then you can install three strands of lights and if arranged in the proper manner, it can look truly look gorgeous. If you are having a big space then spreading lights in the whole yard is the right thing to do in your case. Arrange the lighting in the proper manner. Many if the times, arranging the lights according to color can make a big difference in decorating your front yard.

  • Combine the lights and music

Now this is one of the creative ways to decorate your front yard. You can create the flashing light setting and combine it with the music. Every time the light changes the color, there will also be a change in music. This can really be awesome but chances are there that your neighbors have issue with this. For making such setting, you need to buy software and a control system which can add up a lot to your cost.

  • Be experimental

While decorating your front yard with lights, try and be as experimental as you can. Try arranging lights on several positions and in different ways. Try various color combination, don’t be shy while doing so after all its your home. Choose the final one which suits best with your front yard.

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