Ways To Clean Linoleum Floors

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)
Tips of Cleaning linoleum floor
Ways of Cleaning linoleum floor

Linoleum floors are very sturdy and durable choice for your home. One of the other pros of linoleum floors is that it is also budget friendly option for your home. Basically these floors are very low maintenance and having long life but however linoleum floors also need some kind of care and maintenance. The only thing that these types of flooring need is cleaning on occasional basis. If linoleum floors are taken proper care then they can last for probably 50 years and hence this proves that they are quite long lasting. To make your linoleum floors these long lasting, you need to take proper care and maintain it properly. You need to clean it appropriately and accurately for maintaining and you have to be careful while cleaning linoleum floors as using any cleaning solution can lead to damaging it. Though these are not much costly but then also you cannot afford to damage it and then go for repair and replacement. Here are some of the ways for cleaning linoleum floors.

  • Clean the excess dirt

For getting rid of the excess dirt from your floor, you need to sweep, mop or vacuum your linoleum floor on regular basis. This will remove the excess dirt from the surface of your floor. Focus on the areas which cannot be cleaned easily like under the cabinets or under the appliances or under the cupboards. These areas are likely to accumulate more dirt and make your linoleum floor dirtier and hence while cleaning, focus on these areas more. If you are making use of vacuum for cleaning your v floor then make sure to change the setting of your vacuum. Change your vacuum settings from cleaning surface like carpet to cleaning hard surfaces. This will clean your linoleum floor more accurately.

  • Make use of natural cleaning solution
Cleaning solution Cleaning solution
Cleaning solution for linoleum floor

If you feel that sweeping, mopping and vacuuming is not sufficient for cleaning linoleum floors then you will have to make use of some natural cleaning solution for getting of the dirt and dust. Take a large bucket and fill it up with Luke warm water. Add some portion of vinegar to it. While cleaning linoleum floor, majority of them don’t need a whole bucket of cleaning solution for making the floor sparkling clean and hence you need to add water to it so that your floor don’t get damaged and you will also be able to clean it. Make sure you are not making use of too much of water as standing water can damage linoleum floor heavily. Take only that much amount of water which is actually necessary.

  • Make use of chemical cleaning solution

If natural cleaning solution is not enough for cleaning linoleum floors, then you will have to compulsorily switch to chemical cleaning solution. Make use of those cleaning solution which are specifically meant for cleaning linoleum floors only. This will be safe and secure option for cleaning linoleum floor. Such specific cleaning solution can be easily found in any of the home improvement store. Majority of the linoleum floor cleaning solution has to dilute with water and then use on the floor. If you are not aware about how to use the cleaning solution on the floor then follow the manufacturer’s instructions and mix up the things accordingly. Take correct measurement of water and cleaning solution and make the mixture likewise. While you are cleaning Ways Linoleum floor, make sure the area around you is properly ventilated.

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If you don’t want to go for specific linoleum floor cleaner, then you can also use dishwashing liquid with water and then clean up the floor with that. Dishwashing is usually mild and can be used for cleaning any type of flooring. However using dishwashing for cleaning v floor will disinfect and clean the floor but using specific cleaning solution will remove all the dirt and make your floor sparkling clean.

Make sure you are bot using chemical which have high PH levels as it can be extremely damaging for linoleum floors and hence don’t use any product containing ammonia.

  • Mop your floor


Tricks of Mopping linoleum floor
technique of Mopping linoleum floor

Dip the mop into the cleaning solution you have made and wring out the excess moisture from it. Make sure you have a damp mop while applying it to the floor instead of a wet and dripping mop. Excess water on the floor will lead in damaging it and causing moisture issues. Mop your floor in small section to make it adequately clean. If you are intending to clean your linoleum floor more deeply then you can go for using scrub brush having soft bristles instead of using a mop. However this method of cleaning linoleum floor will need more hard work as you have to work with your knees and hands here. However if you are using solution of water and vinegar then there will be no need of rinsing the floor later on. Vinegar is considered as the natural disinfectant and both water and vinegar will evaporate eventually with time.

  • Rinse your floorOnce you have the mop the floor with cleaning solution, empty the bucket and clean the mop properly with clean water. After that fill up the bucket again with normal clean water and mop your linoleum floor again with that. Repeat the same technique of mopping that you have use while mopping with the cleaning solution.
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