Ways To Clean A Girls Room

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Tips of cleaning girls room
Ways of cleaning girls room

Cleaning a room is necessary and if you are thinking cleaning a room is a general subject then you are absolutely wrong. Cleaning a girl’s room and cleaning a boy’s room is totally different. For boys, cleaning their room will refer to taking all the stuff from the floor and putting it in closet or under the bed and put the food out the room and putting the old clothes in laundry. It’s not at all the case with cleaning a girl’s room. The condition of a boy’s room after cleaning, will the condition of girls room before cleaning. Hence cleaning a girl’s room is really difficult as compared to that with boys. Girls usually have lots of stuff and less pace and still they go complaining about they don’t have anything to wear. If you are a girl then you will probably understand the situation I am trying to portray. If you have a room which is a total mess, your parents will go complaining about it all day long and they will keep on doing so till the time to clean it. If you are confused and not able to figure out where to start then you need some advice and some tips on how to clean a girl’s room. Well cleaning a girl’s room involves lots of things and hence it can be a lengthy process and chances are there you can get bored of it. To avoid this scenario, you can play some music while cleaning a girl’s room and keep yourself charged and entertained. You can also give yourself a break when you finish up cleaning one section of a girls room. But make sure break is not too long. Here are some of the helpful tips for cleaning a girl’s room.

  • Take everything off your bed

The starting point of cleaning a girl’s room should be bed. Take every single thing off from your bed. Take cushions, pillows, sheets, stuffed toys and duvet sheets off from your bed. Take off the cushion sheet and bed sheet and throw it in laundry bag for washing. This step of cleaning a girl’s room involves taking everything off from the bed and washing it off. After taking everything off, put the new bed sheet and pillow covers on and organize your bed properly. Keep your bed as neat and clean as possible. Put back all the pillows, cushion and stuffed toys back on the bed just the way you like it. Dust the wood part of the bed along with the side tables and such thing nearby.

  • Clean the closet

Cleaning girls closet
Cleaning the closet

One of the most difficult things while cleaning a girl’s room is cleaning a girls closet. Girl’s closet is filled with too many things and cleaning it an organizing it back is like a big work. Start off with taking all the items out of closet. Take clothes, shoes, makeup items, hair accessories, stalls, jewelry pieces, winter wears and any other thing from the closet. Now this is where the real task of cleaning a girl’s room starts. Sort out your clothes and all other things. There might be a pair of shoes which don’t even fit you now but still you like the bow f that shoe and that’s why it is still lying in your closet. Get rid of any such items from your closet. Also see which clothes you don’t wear now and get rid of them too while cleaning a girl’s room. Consider donating all this stuff that you are taking out from your closet. When you are done removing useless stuff, consider arranging the rest back in your closet in a more organized manner. You can hang them or you can fold them, just organize them in a way that you can easily find something whenever you need.

  • Clean the book shelf

There can be a specific book shelf or it can also be on your side table. Wherever it is, just unplug everything. Take every book or any other thing lying like your charger or your headphones or your watch off from there. Take a damp cloth and appropriate cleaning product. Clean the book shelf and the side table with the cleaning solution properly. There are also chances that your books are also loaded with dust, if it is so also consider cleaning them. Adjust the books again on the book shelf properly and make sure you are not just piling them up. You can organize your books in height order also, start from small to the big. Make sure while you are cleaning the switch boards, you don’t make it wet as it is not safe.

  • Clean the walls

wall cleaning
Cleaning your walls

One of the important things while cleaning a girl’s room is cleaning the walls. Girls use things which can make the walls dirty like hair spray, eye liners, nail paints, lipstick and such other things. Chances are high that all these things can touch the walls and make it dirty. Hence while cleaning a girls room, make sure to clean the walls also. Take everything off from the walls like wall hangings, photo frames, wall art or any other thing. Chances are there of cobwebs making their home at that place. Take a duster and clean the cobwebs and dust from the walls. After you are done cleaning the walls while cleaning a girls room, put the all the wall décor items back on the wall.

  • Clean the floor

While cleaning a girls room, when you are done with cleaning all the other part of the room, take the floor finally at last. While cleaning other part of the room, there will be dust and dirt falling on the floor and hence clean it at last. Take all the useless things lying on the floor and see which one is useful and which one is not. Throw the things which are not useless and organize rest of the things. After that sweep the floor and mop it with warm water.

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