Ways of Finding Water Leaks in your Home

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Water Leak from the drains
Water Leak observed from the drain pipes

Most of the time it’s observed that the water lines are installed and metered for knowing billing and accountability purposes. A leak in your plumbing lines means an increased amount of cost on your pockets. But when it comes for identifying the water leaks in your home, it’s pretty much easy. Even a small leak can be easily found by trying simple and easy tricks and techniques that helps in saving you from a nasty surprise of expenditure from your pockets. If you have identified the water leaks in your home, here are the tips you can perform before calling for your professional plumber. It’s well said,” The more you’ll do now, the less you’ll be needed to pay in long run”

Water leak identification:

There are many different means for identifying water leaks in your home, and are stated below:

Hot water tank leaks:

If hot water tank has been installed in your home, make the use of it for identifying any water leak. Check the pressure relief valve attached on the hot water tank at your home. Many a times, it is observed that the valves are directly attached into the drains and it might be leaking without any notice.

If you’re uncomfortable in getting the drain pipes out, hear the hissing sound coming from the leaks in your hot water tank. Go for checking and deal with repairing the water leak as soon as possible.

Toilet water leaks:

Listen to the voice you hear from the tank of your toilet. Check the water leaks from the toilet. It might lead to more wastage of water. If you hear any hissing sound coming from the flush tank, try to identify and locate the exact location of the sound coming from. If you can locate the sound, it’s advisable of assessing it accurately for knowing the source.

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Try to fix it on your own, if you can’t than call for a professional plumber for getting your things do. After observing each and every corner of the toilet, still you’re unable to locate the eater leak, go ahead by adding food color in the toilet and also add couple of drops in the flush tank too.

Wait for several minutes and observe is the food colored water is leaking from any end or section of the toilet. It is one of the easiest methods of identifying water leak in toilet. Even if you are having more number of toilets installed, go head by following the process of identifying the water leaks. I’m sure you will, get your doubts clear with great results.

Check the meter line for water leaks:

Meter of plumbing lines
Leaking Meter of drains

If you observe that the toilets are in a sound condition, go for checking the meter lines installed. You can definitely save your money if you can identify the water leaks in your drain or metered pipes. I know it sounds a bit difficult, but it’s not that complex as you’re thinking.

If you have the knowledge of shutting off the valve by the house, shut it off on temporary basis for checking the meter by removing the lid and watch out for the dial attached on the meter lines. Still, if you’re unable to notice the meter head, start digging around the area because sometimes the grass or sand gets accumulated on its surface.

Once you locate the meter head, shut off the valve by the house and watch that the meter is still turning or not? If you find that the meter is still turning then the leak is between the house and the meter. The valve is mainly made up of bronze which should be dealt with proper care.

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There are different signs of leaks like grass that is greener than the rest, grass growing faster in that area as compared to different areas and the area is soft and muddy. If you observe such types of signs, it’s advisable of calling a plumber for repairing it as soon as possible. If not paid proper attention it might lead top damaging and might also increase the cost expenditure of repairing it.

You can also make a call yourself of repairing it, may be it might get you cheaper as compared to calling for a professional. And if you have the valve shut off and the meter has stopped turning on, the water leak is defiantly in the home. It’s advisable of trying some other techniques for identifying the water leaks in your home.

Other water leaks:

Water leaks - Dripping of water
Water dripping from pipe

There are many different water leaks you can observe in your home like garden. The loose hoses, dripping irrigations system, and taps might result in increasing the water bills at your home. How can we forget the faucets and shower heads in the bathroom.

Well, it should be fairly straight forward water leak repair if you observe the shower head is the source of leaks. Even if you find that the outsides of the home are sound with water leaks, the culprit is the interiors of the home. Check the pipes and drains. If you observe any hissing sound coming off from the pipes, that’s it, you’re done with the identification. Now the things you need to do is to repair it as soon as possible.

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Repairing it earlier is advantageous for the home owners because in long duration, it might also increase the cost expenditure of repairing it or replacing the whole unit.

Hard to locate the water leaks:

There are many situations that can be difficult for the home owners to identify the water leaks. All the water leaks addressed ion the articles can be true or is resemblance with your water leaks. It might be possible that you might miss one of the steps and it can result into not locating the water leaks. There’s nothing to worry about because following the steps and techniques again will help you in dealing with the water leaks and repairing them easily. Don’t lose hope, your drains are going to get well in future.

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