Ways of Cleaning Vinyl Siding

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Pseron cleaning the Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding cleaned by a person

Have you installed vinyl siding in your home? Have you ever looked for finding out any accumulation of dust and cobwebs build up on your vinyl siding? I know right, there are many more question that might be taking place in your mind. But, there’s nothing to worry about because you’re totally right as you’ve selecting vinyl siding as your siding option. Vinyl siding’s biggest advantage is, it’s very easy in simple in cleaning. Even cleaning them is very easy because you need a lesser amount of time for performing it. No matter how dirty your vinyl siding is, it’s very simple and quick to clean it. Whether you’re performing a deep cleaning process for removing the accumulation of mold, mildew or dirt or just rinsing it in a simple way, you can easily tackle the process of cleaning your vinyl siding within an afternoon.

Here is the list of different ways of cleaning your vinyl siding at your home.

Vinyl siding cleaning ways:

Preparation for safe and easy process of cleaning your vinyl sidings:

Start the process by walking around your home, and notice any loose debris or sidings. This step is very important if you’re planning of using pressure washer for cleaning the same. As pressure washer might lead in damaging more of not properly used.

Home owner cleaning Vinyl Siding
Vinyl Siding cleaned by a person

Keep an eye on the outer gabs observed between the slats and make sure that you’re washing those areas with low pressure of water for not damaging them more. It’s advisable of covering any plant, shrubs or bushes grown surrounding your vinyl siding. Make the use of some plastic sheets for covering them.

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You can simply cover the sides where you’re working and move according to the turn of cleaning the other sections of your vinyl siding. Well, it’s not necessary if you’re only using water for washing up your sidings. Even, don’t forget to cover up any electrical outlet that is installed in the outer section of your home. Anything could be damaged by the chemicals used for cleaning the vinyl sidings.

Make sure that your home is water tight before you step ahead for cleaning your vinyl sidings. Close the doors and windows tightly and consider the screens for removing the cover. Removing the screens of your windows is only necessary if you’re using pressure washer technique.

Perform a quick check on accumulated mold and mildew on the sidings. Determine that is it’s compulsion of using soap or simple water wash would be okay for the situation or not. Most of the vinyl sidings are easy and extremely simple in cleaning. And simple scrubbing your vinyl sidings by using water helps in loosening the dirt and accumulated debris from the surface.

Accumulation of mold and mildew might not be seen every time. For testing them, you just need to spray a little amount of bleaching solution on it and you’ll come to know the need of cleaning it or not.

Before heading forward for cleaning your vinyl siding by any cleaning solution, it’s always advisable of reading and referring to the manufacturer’s manual for understanding the details of how to clean your vinyl siding.

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It’s better to be safe than to be sorry. Keep this in mind before you apply and start your process of cleaning your vinyl siding.

Basic cleaning process of vinyl sidings:

Vinyl Siding cleaning process
Cleaning the Vinyl Siding

There are different tools available for cleaning the sidings like pressure washer and high powered garden hose. For small houses, it’s advisable of using powered hose because it would not need much of power for cleaning it. Whereas for huge hoses, it’s advisable of using pressure washer because it offers better coverage over the area of your sidings.

Vinyl sidings is among the easiest material that can be cleaned easily is maintained properly. It’s advisable of panning out your cleaning process on a sunny day or on a day with lots of wind. Wind helps in picking up the accumulated dust and dirt that might stick on the walls and slow dry vinyl siding process might steaks lots of streaks.

It’s better to work with weather with good dun because it will help you in completing the process even with an ease. It’s advisable of working on a single wall at a time. It helps in preventing streaking effects that might damage the look of your vinyl siding. In fact you’ll be able to work with more efficiency in smaller areas as compared to cleaning the huge areas.

Further you’ll need to dry clean the walls which become more difficult for the home owners when it comes for cleaning the huge areas. When you’re starting up with the process, start by cleaning the bottom section first. Start from the bottom section and running the hose towards the upper part of the siding.

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And if you’re using pressure washer, it’s advisable of not keeping the highest settings because it might lead in damaging your vinyl siding installed. Prevent the water from the hose, pushing in to the sides of the sidings. It might cause damaging effects to the interiors of the home too. Keep the spraying effects up to your eye sight because it will prevent in getting the water enters up your home interiors.

Work your way from the corners to the middle section of your vinyl sidings. Most of the accumulated mold and mildew is observed on the corners and the gaps present between two siding boards. In fact the darker areas for the mold are the best place for growing.

Don’t forget to clean around your windows and the doors. It’s advisable of cleaning with your hands because pressure washer might lead in permanently damaging your doors window sills installed in your home.

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