Ways of Cleaning Mattress

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)
Mattress cleaning ways
Tips on Mattress cleaning

Are you planning of cleaning your mattress? Well, for the home owners, there are many techniques and ways of cleaning it. The techniques and ways can be used for removing any accumulated stains and dirt and helps in keeping your mattresses dirt free. Here are certain ways of cleaning your mattress that helps the home owners for cleaning their mattresses in the best way.

Techniques of cleaning mattresses:

Regular process of cleaning mattresses:

Start the process by vacuuming your mattress installed in your home. This helps in keeping and maintaining them clean by the sheer fact that when it does get wet, there is as comparative less matter for the dirt for causing it stained permanently.

You can also try using upholstery cleaner for cleaning your mattress. As the mattresses are made up of surfaces that touches your skin, it should work in a better way unless you’re extremely sensitive to the cleaners. Upholstery cleaner also has the capacity of removing the dust mites which always refuse to get off simply using water.

Even you can use enzyme cleaners that are way more effective while cleaning your mattress. It is effective in breaking down the structure of the stains that is helpful in lessening them off.

Removing blood stains from the mattress:

Person removing Blood stains
Blood stains removed from the mattress

Blood stains are rigid and stubborn that is difficult to get off from the mattress. Make the use of hydrogen peroxide for cleaning your mattress. Simply apply it on the mattress and blot it off right away while it’s bubbling. Well, if you’re thinking that it will remove all of the stain from the surface, let me tell you, it won’t. But it will surely lesser in down. It’s advisable of blotting it off by using a dry, clean and soft cloth.

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It’s advisable of cleaning it by using cold water. Rub in meat tenderizer from the pantry which helps in removing the proteins. Rinse it and follow it as per the rust removal for removing the iron ingredients from the blood. And for removing the fresh blood spots, make the use of the mixture of salt with plan water. Store it in a spray bottle and use it on the stains. It will surely help in removing the blood stains from the surface of your mattress.

Even, the solution of baking soda and water is helpful for the home owners for cleaning the mattress affected from stains and spots. Take a large bowl and mix one part of baking soda in two parts of water. Prepare a solution out of it. It’s advisable of using a clean cloth for applying the solution prepared by the home owners.

Apply the solution on the areas affected from dirty spots and stains. Let it rest for thirty to forty minutes for best results. And for rinsing it off the surface of your mattress, it’s advisable of using a dampen cloth in cold water for taking off the remaining solution off your mattresses. Don’t forget to apply dry towel process on your mattress after it’s clean. Make the use of dry towel for absorbing the extra amount of moisture from your mattress.

Even you can apply dish washing detergent. Prepare the mixture by mixing a tablespoon of dish washing detergent with two to three cups of cold water. Now, take a clean cloth and soak it into the solution prepared. Apply it to the affected areas in your mattress. Now, use a tooth brush and gently scrub the areas that are affected. Make the use of clean and dampen cloth for rinsing off the solution from your mattress. Bolt a wet cloth on the stains and after completing this, use a dry towel process for rinsing off the extra amount of solution off your mattresses.

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Stains which are unidentified:

For stains which are identical by the home owners, make the use of citric type of cleaners and see the results. Apply the cleaning solution on the affected area for five to ten minutes. Afterwards use the blotting method for rinsing off the solution from your mattress. Rub it and clean as much as solution you can take off by using a clean and dry cloth. It’s advisable of using an absorbent cloth for this process. Even, you can use a mild dish washing detergent for cleaning the spots.

Removing the odor of cigarette:

For removing the odor from your mattress, repeat the similar process by blotting and cleaning it using a dampen cloth. But make sure of cleaning a section at a time. It’s advisable of cleaning your liners on a frequent base. And if you smoke regularly, it’s advisable of repeating it on a frequent base. This helps in keeping the odor free from your mattress.

Even, you can easily spray the odor out. Make the use of Lysol spray and start saturating the mattress. It’s advisable of letting it dry for a couple of days, and follow it up by using two to three bottles of Febreze. Lastly, place a hypoallergenic mattress cover for protecting your mattress.

Get rid of stains from accumulated mold and mildew:

Person Vacuuming the mattress
Mattress vacuumed by home owner

Mold and mildew are considered as the common issues of damaging your mattress. So removing it is very important. It’s advisable of giving your mattress a suntan. This type of stains are the cause if too much presence of moisture. It’s advisable of cleaning your mattress by talking it out in a bright area, or let it sun dry. Try hard for removing the excessive accumulation of mildew and mold by simply sweeping and wiping off the surface of your mattress.

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You can simply make the use of a vacuum cleaner for sucking off all the mold and mildew off the surface of your mattress. When you’re finished with the process, it’s advisable of disposing off the vacuum bag and its filter. It will help you in preventing the leaking spots from getting attracted towards the next door or another room in your home.

Make the use of a solution of warm water and isopropyl alcohol and sponge it up on the mattress. Rinse up the area by using warm water and here you go with a safe yet, beautiful process of cleaning your mattress.

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