Ways Of Bedroom Decor

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2017)
Ways of bedroom decor
Tips for bedroom decor

Are you tired of coming back to home and seeing a nondescript bedroom? Or have you had the same old style of bedroom since years and tired of seeing that? Do you want to give a new look to your bedroom? If yes then the right thing you should do is bedroom decor. There are plenty of bedroom decor styles which you can go for and change the whole look. For that you need to collect some of the bedroom decor ideas and ponder upon it whether it is suitable to your room or not. If you are having a small bedroom then hunt for small bedroom decorating ideas, if you are having a huge bedroom then go for something which suits with huge bedroom. But the main thing is that you need to make some research and find some of the excellent bedroom decor items and bedroom decor tips to go for. You can hire a bedroom decor service for getting a changed look of your bedroom but if you want to do this without involving heavy expenditure then you can consider bedroom decor DIY (do-it-yourself). It’s your bedroom and you should be the one planning and executing for your bedroom decor in the way you want. To help you out with this, here are some of the bedroom decor ways. Check them out and see whether they are helpful to you and make your process of bedroom decor easy.

  • Determine how much money and time you want to spend

If you are available with fortune of money then you can go for bedroom decor to the core of your heart. But this is not possible with every single person. Majority of the people have to struggle with a budget and have to go for bedroom decor within a specified limit. If you are one of the budgets people, then you must hunt for bedroom decor cheap ideas which can help you fulfil both your monetary need and also your bedroom decor need. Here are some of the ideas to cut some corners and still fit in with your bedroom decor.

  • If you are a crafty person, then consider some DIY decor for furniture.
  • In spite of going for new furniture, you can see the options of repainting or refinishing your old furniture.
  • Instead of choosing painting your walls, you can consider the option of vinyl wall decals. This choice is very much popular in youth and also for those people who cannot afford to paint their walls and also suitable for those who cannot contribute too much time.
  • Consider the bedroom decor project a bit at a time. You might not have the full-fledged budget for bedroom decor but you can go for instalment. Say for example, you cannot spend 400$ in one month on bedroom decor but you can spend 50$ each month for bedroom decor. In one month you can consider paint, in another month you can go for furniture and likewise you can undertake whole project.
  • Choose a theme

You don’t need to have a specific theme and this step is also not compulsory but it can be very much helpful throughout the process. This can be like a checklist or a guide which will tell you which type of furnishings to get, what kinds of patterns and colors to use, which types of pillows and rugs will be used, what type of linens to go for and many such other things. Here you can consider your favorite color or animal or anything of your interest. You can also take ideas from bedroom decor sites on internet or you can see some magazines of bedroom decor or you can also visit stores to get some inspiration and ideas.

  • Think whether you will like your theme after certain years or not

If you are planning to stay for long term in your home and you don’t want to go through the process of bedroom decor over and over again then you must have a thought that the theme you have chosen is good for you now, but whether it will be good for you after some years have passed. If you have a tendency to go through different interests as the time and trend changes then you should not go for current trends instead you must opt for a general theme which you will like even after years have passed. Choose a theme where in the furniture, rugs and wall designs will remain evergreen. Express your current items with the smaller one which you can easily change like lampshades, figurines or bed linens. If you are a teenager then you are likely to change your interest very often. What your choice and passion at 13 is, might not be the same at 18. Make sure that you are not over committing a theme. If you are considering your walls to have horses but you already have your lamps, your bed, your curtains, your pillows, your carpet, your artwork having horses then going for walls with same theme will be like way too much.

  • Ensure to clean your room

Cleaning your bedroom perfectly
Cleaning your bedroom right way

Before going for bedroom decor, you must first consider cleaning your bedroom first if it is too much cluttered and messy.  This will give you a blank slate for working. This will make moving the things around easier and you will easily get idea as to how they look.

  • Get rid of useless clutter

Review your current bedroom decor. Check whether you already have a theme or you have mismatch of various themes. Check out all your stuff and see which items you no longer use. Get rid of those items as they are no longer useful and also out of your taste and your style. You can either consider selling these items or you can also donate them to any charity centre. If you are having something which you no longer use but you still like it, check whether you can redecorate it or repaint it and take into use of your bedroom decor.

  • Consider working with things you already have

If you are on a tight budget, then you should have a look on your current furniture and check out whether you can re-purpose them and fit them into your new style. A simple and normal wooden bed can be easily fit in new place with various styles with right type of bed linens and paint. Paint your bed with a solid color giving it a sleek and modern look. Add lots of pillows and colorful quilt with unique patterns for giving a boho look. For giving a country chic look and also a vintage look, you can paint your bed with a base color and also add second coat of crackle effect of paint for getting that weathered look.

  • Paint your walls or add wallpaper

Paint your bedroom for decorating it
Painting your bedroom like an expert

You can consider the idea of painting the walls with solid color and then pasting it on a narrow strip of wallpaper going on around the room. This strip can be in the center of the wall or it can even be towards the top. If you are not able to paint the walls of your bedroom or even change the wallpaper then you can tack fabric on the wall as an alternative. Make sure to get it as smooth as possible. If you are having a small bedroom, you can consider painting your walls with one color and leave your ceiling white. This will make your room to look large.

  • Consider having an accent wall

Instead of painting your whole room with one color, try out painting three walls with off white or white color and the fourth wall with a darker shade which should be a contrasting color. Place all the statement furniture against that wall and it will turn out to be a great way of bedroom decor.

  • Add designing with wall stencils

Choose one of the base color for the background and one contrasting color for the design. First of all paint the background color, and then leave it to dry properly. After that, apply the designs with more stencils and paint. If you are living in a rental apartment, then instead of using paint or stencils, you should opt for using wall decals. These are the giant vinyl stickers which can peel off very easily when it is time to move out.

  • Hang some posters, artwork or photos

This can be a really great bedroom decor idea for those who are tight on the budget and cannot afford to paint their room. If you are residing in a rental apartment then you can use double sided mounting tape or you can also use stick on mounting hook or poster tack or putty. If you are hanging wall art above the bed, try to match it with your bed linens. Say for example if your wall art is having white backyard with blue colored flowers then try to get white colored linens having blue flowers on them.

  • Save space by getting items which can be fixed on wall

Adjustable lamps and nightstands can be fixed to the wall and they are considered to be a great way to save space. You can also consider putting some of the shelves above your bed for storing some of your personal stuff and items there.

  • Hang some of the string lights and fairy lights on the wall

It’s your choice how you want to go for bedroom decor. You can either use normal Christmas lights or you can go for using decorative lights.  Decorative lights are available in different shapes and sizes and it is available in shops which are selling lighting fixtures and bedroom decor items. They are available in many decorative shapes and colors like butterfly, balls, flowers and many others. If your room is having white or light colored walls, then choose the lights having white or clear wires. If your bedroom is having dark colored walls then, choose the lights having clear wires.

  • Add extra pillows to your bed

Adding pillows for bedroom decor
Adding pillows to bedroom

For getting the feel of luxurious, hotel type’s rooms, you must consider having two to six pillows on your bed. Put the large pillows on the back and smaller pillows on the front side. You can also try to mix and match various colors and patterns. Mix up the large and bold prints with the smaller one which are more intricate. Combine the geometric prints with the organic prints. Make use of contrasting colors. Say for example you can get a pillow with a bright green pattern along with a plane white pillow. You can also go for using accent pillows. You can use something having textured fabric or something with an irregular shape. You can have a velvet round pillow or tube pillow of brocade.

  • Get luxurious covers

Top up your bed with a cover made from snuggling just like a down comforter. For giving a touch of luxury, you can use a comforter having duvet cover instead of using some plain old bed sheet.

  • Give colors to walls and windows along with curtains

Try and match your curtains with some of the aspects of your room while having bedroom decor. Match the curtains with pillows, bed linens and rug. You don’t have to go out and buy curtains for bedroom decor, old saris and shawls can work greatly as graceful curtains. If you are residing in a rental apartment, then you will already have blinds, check whether you can replace the curtain rod placed on the top of the blind with a new one. You can also think of draping a floral garland or even some of the string lights above the curtains for giving an added touch to your bedroom decor.

  • Add warmth and softness with a cozy rug

Adding rugs for bedroom decor
Adding rugs to bedroom

Try and get a rug which matches with some of the aspects of the room like bed linens, wall color or curtains. If the headboard is placed against a wall, get a rug which extends up to 18 to 24 inches and can spread all three sides of the bed. The most usual placement of the rug is in front of the nightstands with a rug able to extend past the foot of the bed. If you are having a long rug, then you can tuck it under the nightstands as it will help ground them in a better manner. If you are having a full sized or twin or double bed then you should consider having a rug of 5 by 8 foot or 8 by 10 foot rug. If you are having a king or queen sized bed then you should have a rug of 8 by 10 foot or 9 by 12 foot. If your room is already having carpet then, you should have a small rug on one of the sides of the bed. Sheepskin rugs are considered great for this.

  • Add lighting for bedroom decor

A clip-on overhead lamp or a soft overhead lighting is some of the best ways for bedroom decor. You can also make use of tall standing lamps in corner of rooms or install desk lamps on dressers. String lights and fairy lights are also great ways of bedroom decor. This also adds some great design and movement to your walls by making the things brighter.

  • Use candles for bedroom decor

Putting candles for bedroom decor
Putting candles for decorating your bedroom

Candles are a nice way to add soft glow to your room. You can go for using scented candles and make your bedroom look and smell good. If you have kids or pets in your home and you are afraid to keep open flame in your room then you can go for having some battery operated candles instead of normal candles. Some of the electric candles are scented and are also flicker and they give feel just like real candles and are just great for your bedroom decor. You can also switch your candles according to the seasons. You can use floral, fruity and fresh scents for the summer and spring and you can go for using woodsy and spice scents for the winters and fall.

  • Add mirror for making your room look big

You can hang up a small mirror just above your dresser or you can go for a longer one over the back of any of the door. Instead of installing a plain mirror, go for getting one, having a fancier frame or something with unusual shape or with some design attached to it for bedroom decor.

  • Try out monochrome

If you are intending to get a nice clean look for your bedroom but you are not intending to go mundane with stark whites, you can try to mix and match different shades of a single color. Say for example all of your bed linens, rugs, curtains, pillows, furniture can be of different shades of pink like light, medium and dark.

  • Keep something as focus of your room

This is a great way of bedroom decor and it can be as simple as a bed or an accent wall or a fancy headboard or light fixture or any such thing. If you decide to keep your bed as the focal point, then place it in the center of a wall and decorate it with a cool blanket and many creative pillows. Even you can have a shelf as the focal point of your room which has a collection of all your favorite things. Make sure that you don’t overcrowd the shelf and also try to put the smaller items in front of the larger ones to make them visible easily.

  • Add nightstand to keep all stuff

This idea of bedroom decor will make your bed look more comfortable and luxurious. For your bedroom decor, you can try including a clock, a lamp, some flowers in pot or a vase. If you are having a habit of reading then, consider having a stack of books. Keep a glass of water and jug which can avoid the late night trips to the kitchen for a glass of water. If you are having a big set of bed in center of the wall then consider having one nightstand on each side of the bed. This will help to keep symmetry and balance on the bedroom decor. Keep in mind this simple thing of bedroom decor, if the bed is large then nightstand and lamp will also be large and vice versa.

  • Install a place for sitting

Place for sitting in bedroom
Cozy place for sitting

If you are spending lot of time in your bedroom then, as bedroom decor stuff or as comfort stuff, you must have a chair or a sofa for comfortable sitting and reserving your bed as just a place to sleep.

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Bedroom is an easy DIY project, you just need to know your needs and follow the right ways. By right bedroom decor, you can easily transform your bedroom from a boring outdated place to an interesting and cozy place.

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