Waterproofing Your Basement to Prevent Wall Collapse

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)
Basement Warterproofing for home safety
Basement Warterproofing for home security

Your home is one of the most prized possession and you want it to be protected. Every person dreams of a house of their own and once they get it they make all possible efforts to keep it safe and well maintained. They make their home in the best possible manner they can. They install every best thing starting from best security systems to best door locks, from best beds to best curtains, from best flooring to best roofing. They keep it all perfect to attain utmost satisfaction from what they build. Every homeowner is concerned about their walls, roof, floor, windows but a very important part of the home which they skip to take care is their basement.

It is very essential to inspect your basement on a regular base. If you dig a hole deep in the ground then it will easily be filled with the water, your basement is the same hole of your house and thus it needs to be protected and taken care that they are not filled with water. It very essential to keep your basement waterproof and dry, for the well maintenance of your whole house. If the basement is wet then it can lead to mould growth and dampness. A basement with mould can weaken the basement and lead to wall collapse.

Importance of strong basement

You might be thinking why basement waterproofing is such an essential issue even though you have laid foundation at the time of construction of your home. Weather changes affect your home and its durability. Strong wind, heavy snowfall, rain, high temperature, humidity all of them weakens your home foundation over certain period of time.

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If your home lacks strong foundation then it might happen your home is not able to bear its own weight and there are chances of wall collapse. Basement is the base of your house and if the base is strong enough then whole house can survive in tough weather. Thus finishing your basement is a clever step towards protecting your whole house and family. Controlling weather conditions is not in your hand what is there in your hand is having a strong and waterproofed basement and you must work towards it.

What weakens your basement and shakes your homes foundation?

Basements are made out of cement and cinder block by the constructor so that they became strong and can manage easily to bear the weight of the entire house easily. Water is not compatible with the foundation that your basement possesses. The snow and rain water which gets into your basement is acidic and hence it damages the walls of your basement. The soil which is present around your home absorbs the rain water and makes it stagnant and this stagnant water destroys your basement walls. The soil which is filled with water gets heavy on the floor and walls your basement. This water goes into the cement of the walls of your basement and hence weakens them and lead them to shake the foundation and the chances of wall collapse arises. In this situation your basement is facing pressure from two sides

  • The water collected in the walls makes the foundation very much weak and it shakes the foundation of your basement.
  • The walls which get extreme weak are pushed by the soil of the ground which makes that weak that they are not able to support the weight of your house.
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How can basement be protected from water damage?

Waterproofing your basement and installing the best drainage system there in are the best possible outcomes which you can apply to get rid of basement damping and wall collapse issues. Waterproofing your basement acts as a shield for your walls and when combined with effective drainage system, your home become completely safe from the external water attack. Having this type of strong foundation helps extending life your house and keep it well maintained.





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