Vinyl Flooring: Latest Trends and Designs

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2016)
designer vinyl flooring
Looks of designer vinyl flooring

Considering it as the home decor or the office decor, Vinyl Flooring is considered to be the best looking and elegant picture for installing it. No doubt there ream nay different types of flooring available in the market which has its own advantages on installing it but if you will ask me, than according to my perception vinyl flooring is the good option to be exercised by the home owners in their home or in the office. Not only is that but there different patterns and designs which have introduced in the market for the home owners which can increase their trend towards going for vinyl flooring.

Well, for the home owners who love to have luxurious look and want teat their home must come up with elegant look can go for the vinyl flooring. Talking about the latest trends and designs, well vinyl flooring is the thing which will provide you with all your satisfaction and reasons of implementing and installing it in your home.

eye catching patterns of vinyl flooring
Beautiful patterns of vinyl flooring

You can have the designs with the mix and match thing which can increase the look of your home. Not only are this but there simple colors available in this type of flooring which will increase your wish of installing it in your home. In accordance to my perception, if you want your home to have a sophisticated ambiance than vinyl flooring is the preference to be used in your home.



The combination of wood work with different tones of colors and textures, including the bold creation with the designer tiles and floors will definitely tempt you to get with this flooring. Not only this, but there are many benefits which the home owners can get by installing vinyl flooring in their home.

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tile vinyl flooring
Gorgeous tile vinyl flooring

Benefits like, it is longer lasting in nature and in simple words more durable in nature, and the maintenance cost of it is less as compared to other flooring styles and types. The concept of eco friendly nature has increased and keeping that factor in mind, environmental friendly flooring has prevailed. Vinyl flooring is more sustainable in nature and as I said, installing it will be a good decision of yours which will help you in all matters.

Mix and Match of Wood Designs

Mix and Match of Wood Designs
Splendid Wood designs for vinyl flooringg

Wood flooring are considered to be very common in all types but if included and mixed up with the vinyl floors just image its patterns and design which will give a beautiful charm to your home. The colors of wood which have different shades are mixed and I can say the zic-zac designs which look better in the basic design and trends of vinyl flooring. The dark shades are mixed up with the lighter shades of wood which gives a different look to your home. Not only that if you want that it must match up with the colors of the walls of your home, similar patterns can be taken into consideration by the home owners. You can add up with fascinating designs which will increase the look of your floor which is installed in your home.



Look of Wood on Wall

Look of Wood on Wall
Fabulous look of wood on wall

It is sounding a bit different that the floor as well as the walls of the home is of similar texture but no, it is actually a good idea which the home owners can exercise in their home. Vinyl flooring is a different type of flooring which can also be installed on the walls of the home. Unlike other wood materials you can easily clean the walls and the floor which will help you to accumulate the time and not waste it. This type of flooring is more prevailed and accepted by the people around.

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Neutral Colors in Flooring

Neutral Colors in Flooring
Natural and Neutral Colors in Flooring

Well according to me, the trend has set for the neutral and light color which gives an elegant look to the place it is installed. The combination of simple colors with different textures rises up the value of floor. It looks more luxurious and classy with the effect of installing neutral vinyl flooring in your home. You can design it like combination, take the dark color in the center of the floor and surrounding it keep the calm colors which will enhance the apparel of the house. In simple and stylish words, going for installing vinyl flooring can be considered as the classic choice of yours.


Mix of Plank and Tiles

Mix of Plank and Tiles
Plank and tiles combination

It is difficult for you to decide whether to install the plank flooring or the tiles, wood flooring, well all your answers will be solved below. Yes installing the vinyl floors can be more advantageous to you because it is flexible in nature and can adjust any of the things; it allows all the patterns to adjust in it. And at the end you can get the combination of both the plank and the tile flooring. Having this image in mind will increase up the richness of your floors.



simple vinyl flooring
Casual and simple vinyl flooring

Availability of different types of patterns in vinyl flooring is the basic benefit which is availed by you. The way you want to, the way you want the designs, its patterns and what not can be adjusted in accordance to your perception. You just need to inform the contractor who is installing the floor in your home and the rest will be the magic which you will feel after installing the vinyl floors in your home.

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Not only that you can also get different patterns and trendy looks in different areas of the house. Like in one room it is the simple on with neutral colors while in other room something dark or shady. Whichever way you like you can adjust the vinyl flooring in your home.

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