Vinyl flooring: Add glamorous looks to your home

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
expert mounting Vinyl flooring at home
Advantages of installing vinyl flooring at home

Making the floors of the modern homes attractive is an important part of building and construction business. The contractors of modern homes make use of a lot of flooring ideas to make the homes look gorgeous and fascinating. Today, a number of flooring ideas are available in the market which are extremely good and are capable of providing a sparkling look to the modern homes. Vinyl floors are extremely popular among the owners of the homes.

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Vinyl floor tiles are available in stylish designs and vibrant colors. Most of these tiles look good only because of their designs. These tiles are manufactured by a great number of manufacturers and that is why the users can have a comparative reasoning before buying a certain vinyl floor tiles. These floor tiles also include modern wooden floor tiles which are extremely sophisticated for the modern homes. They make the rooms noiseless as they have a layer of rubber which makes these tiles noiseless.

Vinyl flooring are extremely popular and preferred by many of the homeowners across the globe. This is a modern flooring option which is preferred for those areas of the home having high traffic issues. Vinyl flooring has become much popular because of its amazing features like durability, flexibility, variety of colors an patterns. It is also one of the most affordable choices for flooring when compared with other types of flooring and it can look good in almost any room of your home. When you are choosing the flooring option for your home, there are plenty of things which should be taken into consideration. The basic thing to be taken into consideration while installation is the main function of the room and what is the current decor of the room and how much you are going to spend in here. By figuring out all this things, you will able to know what type of vinyl flooring is best suited to your home.Here are some of the types of vinyl flooring options from which you can choose the right type which fits in properly with your home.

Types of vinyl flooring

  • Plank vinyl

Plank vinyl floor in home
Having plank vinyl floor at home

Vinyl plank flooring is designed in such a way that it gives the look of hardwood flooring to your home. The best part is that you will get the similar look but at a lesser price. Now you would definitely be aware of the prices of hardwood flooring and if you cannot afford it but want your floor to look like it then plank vinyl flooring is the right choice for you. Vinyl plank flooring also gives you with stain resistant quality and also great level of durability as compared to that with traditional planks.

  • Tile vinyl

Vinyl tile flooring has individual squares of plenty of size. This gives the look of stone tiles when these are assembled together. One of the biggest benefits of having of installation of individual tiles is that replacing them is really very easy when it is damaged. Vinyl tiles can also be used for arranging different patterns.

  • Sheet vinyl

Sheet vinyl flooring is basically flooring of single roll which is generally of 6 to 12 feet wide. Vinyl sheet flooring will limit the quantity of seams and it is very good for areas having high moisture issues. They are perfect fit for bathroom and kitchen which have moisture issues.

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Vinyl flooring has three types of wear surface.

  • Vinyl no wax – This is considered as one of the most cost effective choice. No wax vinyl flooring is also very much stain resistant and it is extremely easy to clean. The shine of vinyl no wax is permanent, eliminating the need of polishing or buffing.
  • Urethane – These finishes of vinyl flooring is really very much easy to clean and it is extremely resistant strains and scuffs. The original look of the finish of vinyl flooring will stay for longer period of time and it will stay shiny without any need of buffing or polishing.
  • Enhanced urethane – This finish of vinyl flooring will surpass the no wax finish and also regular urethane finish. It is very good in resisting scuffs household stains and scratches in a better manner. Its shine is long lasting and this polish also doesn’t need any buff or polish.
  • Inlaid vinyl

When the color granules are embedded in the sheet vinyl then it is said as inlaid vinyl. This will avail the vinyl with more deep and classy look and also give you options for many colors. With a deeper examination, specs of diff3erent shades will be visible which can make the overall hue.

  • Printed vinyl

Printed vinyl floor in home
Installation of printed vinyl floor

This type of vinyl flooring is just like it sounds. Any kind of pattern or any color is printed on the vinyl.  That is why this type of vinyl flooring is very much popular. Based on the nature of this type, it looks like it is the more expensive kind of flooring but actually it is not. Hence you get the expensive look with affordable price. It imitates the look of marble flooring and hardwood flooring very well.

Once you are done with selection of type of vinyl flooring, you also need to learn about the cleaning and maintenance process of vinyl flooring. Here are some of the tips on cleaning and maintenance ideas for vinyl floor.

  • Use a doormat

One of the easiest ways to keep your vinyl floor clean and tidy is to use a doormat. The two biggest enemies of vinyl floors are chemicals and dirt, instead of finding ways to clean them why don’t to try to let them not come into your way. Having a doormat will stop them from entering into your home only. Incoming dust means added brooming on your vinyl flooring which will in turn reduce the finish of your floors. There are certain chemicals which you can’t even see and if they come from asphalt, you won’t even know and they will get stick to your shoes and when it comes in frequent contact with the floor, it will make your floor to look yellow.

  • Clean the vinyl flooring

Ways of cleaning vinyl floor
Tips of cleaning vinyl floor

The best thing to maintain your vinyl flooring is cleaning it and most importantly keeping it clean. This will be same in both types of tile and sheet. Get rid of the dust and dirt before it gets grounded in your floor and this will definitely make your vinyl to last for long period of time. Sweeping on frequent basis will also help to keep your floor clean and tidy. Use a soft broom to sweep the floor and ensure to clean the floor after dinner to clean of any spills or any such thing from your floor.

  • Clean off the hairspray

Hairspray is also such compound which can damage your vinyl flooring. The best way to clean this hair spray from vinyl flooring is to clean with shampoo. This thing works on your hair right? So why will it not work on your flooring. Try cleaning your vinyl flooring which is affected with hair spray with your hair shampoo and you will get sparkling clean floor. Take a squirt of shampoo and mix it up with gallon of warm water. Mop the floor after that and then rinse it off in proper manner. Leave the fan on to let it dry properly.

  • Learn cleaning techniques

You might be tempted to clean off your vinyl flooring with heavy duty cleaning products to see your floor clean in no time and very easily. But actually what you should do is to use the most mild cleaning solution to clean your vinyl flooring. Strong cleaning solutions can even damage your floor. Make a habit of sweeping and mopping your floor every evening. This will clean off all the spills right away and eliminate the need of any cleaning agent for cleaning your floors. While mopping the floor you can make use of warm water for more effect, make sure you are using warm water and not hot water. If everything is not working then you can try cleaning your vinyl flooring with soap but soap should be for floor cleaning only.

  • Rinse your floor properly

When you are cleaning your floor with soap, it’s very important that you rinse it off very appropriately. Any left overs of soap can damage your floor heavily. Hence double check your floor and ensure that you have rinsed the floor nicely. Rinse with clean and cool water and ensure that there is no residue.

  • Move the heavy items carefully

One of the basic things which can damage your vinyl floor is your furniture. While cleaning or shifting your heavy furniture, you become very careless and move haphazardly which make intense damage to your floor. Try to lift the furniture instead of dragging it in the room or pushing it in the room. Dragging it or pushing it will create scratch on your vinyl flooring and it might reduce the shine of your flooring. You can install a plywood path on your floor if you really want to protect your flooring. Use that path for walking or when you want to move your furniture or any other heavy item.

  • Install carpet or rug

Laying carpet on vinyl floor
Installing carpet on vinyl floor

When you have high traffic in your home, there will be high chances of your flooring losing it charm at some or pother point of time. To avoid this scenario, you can install carpet of rug in that area having more traffic. Say for example you will not have much traffic ion your guest room but you will have it in your living room. Hence install a decorative rug or carpet in living room which will beautify your home and also protect your flooring.

  • Protect the sheen

You must follow the instruction said for your flooring. If it is prescribed as no wax flooring, you really need to not to wax your flooring at any cost. No wax vinyl flooring will be naturally having coating of polyurethane which will make the flooring shine. If you wax your vinyl floor which is no wax specified, it will not adhere with the flooring and it will leave a messy layer behind which you will have to strip off. Make sure to not to use any mop or product specified for wax flooring as it can also damage your no wax vinyl flooring. If your no wax floor loses its shine, you should probably try to add sealant or polish which is made for no wax flooring.

  • Do dry mopping

    One of the tip to save your vinyl flooring from moisture issues is to do dry mopping. Mopping your floor with wet mop will fill up the cracks and holed and damaged sections with water and the water will penetrate in those cracks and leads to damaging of your vinyl floor. hence make your vinyl flooring as dry as possible and then mop your floor adequately. Extreme wet mop will also destroy the glue layer which is there inside the vinyl flooring and it will make the floor loose. This will also make the corners to get curled up..

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