Various Types Of Wall Décor

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Ideas for wall decor
Wall decor ideas

Wall décor is by far considered as one of the most essential element of home décor. When it comes to wall décor, it is such an element which creates ambience in your home. Wall décor defines the space and make it more recognizable. Wall décor changes the whole look of your home and enhance the touch and feel of your home. Wall décor is highly personal matter and it depends upon the likes, dislikes and preference of the homeowner. There are plenty of interesting and creative ways of wall décor which you can try incorporating in your home and observe the change it brings to your home. Things you put p on your wall can alter the mood and look of your home. The decorative finish and structure of the wall you choose will change the entire feel of your home. You can choose three dimensional wall décor options as it can bring the wall out of the background and add up different level of interest in the room. If you go for using walls in the vertical form, it can also avail you with extra storage space. This storage option of wall will also help you have extra floor space. There are various wall décor options, some are traditional while some are modern, see which type of home you have and which style of wall décor will suit your home. Here are some of the wall décor options which can spice up your home with some spicy ideas.

  • Metal wall décor

This is a type of wall décor which appears on the scene very quickly. If there is a good artist then he can create wonder with metal. There are plenty of stores which have variety of metal art things. These are really creative wall décor options. Common type of metal wall décor items includes masks and long thin figures. Majority of the people are choosing geometric shapes instead of busts and figurines but still whatever you choose metal wall décor are great for your home.

  • Wall decals

Wall decals are really a new type of wall décor option. This option is really innovative as it has adhesive prints and designs which can be installed on almost any kind of wall. One of the benefits of installing wall decals is that it can be removed very easily and can also be replaced with the new one very easily. This can really help you to create an entire scene of jungle in your home with the ocean bringing in the waves or making a night scene with moon and the stars twinkling in your room. The possibilities of turning your room in something like this is endless, you can choose your own theme and create you room that way with such wall décor. These trends of wall décor are becoming very much popular among kid and teens and no wonder why.

  • Wall clocks

Wall decor with wall clock
Wall clock for wall decor

Wall clocks are not considered much but these are one of the inseparable parts and parcel of wall décor items. Just put some pressure on your mind and tell is there any home where there is no wall clock? Each and every home would have a wall clock. Going for some creative wall clock can also make your home look too good. You can go for choosing a wall clock with a color contrasting with your wall. If you have a sober wall color, you can choose a funky colored wall clock and it will go very well with your home. There are many people who think the trend of wall clock is disappearing slowly but you can stick to it and give your home authentic feel. If the wall color is funky and bold, you can go for sober colored wall clock so that the wall don’t look too much. You can also match up the wall clock with the other wall decor accessories which is placed on the wall.

  • Photographs

This wall decor ideas has been used since decades and its trend never fade away. It’s like evergreen trend for wall décor and people still love having photographs on their wall and love seeing their goo time’s right in front of their eyes. There are certain changes with the photographs in the older times and in today’s time and that is the style of frames and way of installing it in room otherwise the charm is still the same. People are making their choice bit bold and trying out new things with their wall. Previously people used frames to cover the photo and put it on the wall for wall décor. Now people are changing it on a whole and they are covering a whole wall with photographs of their own or their family members. This looks really creative if you choose the right pictures and place it in right way. It will reflect a part of your personality which most of home décor needs.

  • Wood wall décor

wall decor with photos
Photos for wall decor

There are many people who have immense love towards nature and they want the nature to peep in their home also. Thus they try to give their wall natures touch. Wood wall décor will bring the element of nature in your concrete walls. There are many people who try out trunks of tree as the base of your coffee table or even in the lamp shade. Having wood wall décor will give a feeling of rustic ambience in the room. You are available with varied choices and you can even try carving something by your own and hanging it on your wall.

  • Paintings

For a person who is artist, the best idea of walk décor is hanging paintings made by them. The shape, size and form of painting will generally reflect the homeowners taste. You can choose traditional painting or you can even go for modern art painting based upon your like and your home décor.

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