Various options for bathroom flooring

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017)
Types of Bathroom flooring
Varied options for Bathroom flooring

Are you confused about which material will be the ideal choice for your bathroom flooring? Well, while choosing your bathroom flooring you will have to keep in mind that the flooring is water resistant, stain resistant and is a non-slip surface. The flooring should also be durable. One of the most popular bathroom flooring is vinyl flooring. Vinyl can withstand wear and tear and is extremely durable. It is moisture resistant and stain resistant and can be maintained very easily.

Ceramic tiles are also good bathroom flooring. Tiles offer very good, solid waterproofing and are extremely hygienic. However, before you choose the ceramic tiles for your bathroom make sure that you check its porosity rating. You can get ceramic tiles is a large number of designs and colors and you can take your pick to complement the overall décor of your bathroom. A lot of people prefer concrete and stone flooring for their bathroom and you can go in for it if you want to.

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