Using PVC Pipes for Columns

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
PVC Pipes for installing at home
Different shapes and sizes of PVC Pipes

You can use PVC decorative columns to cut down the cost of home.


1. The height of the area where PVC column will be placed, ceiling to floor is measured. Determine the column diameter.

2. The PVC is cut to the length you measured and minus ½ inch.

3. A ring of primer around the outside ends of the PVC and the inside edges of the cap and base is applied to soften the PVC.

4. Glue is added to one end PVC pipe, around the outside edge and the pipe is fitted into the cap. Glue is applied to the other end of the pipe, and the pipe is fitted into the base.

5. Position the column in place of installation. Slowly the base is pushed into position by tapping the base using a rubber mallet until the column fits in place.

6. The cap and base are screwed into place with the drill.

7. Primer is to be painted over the column with a paint brush.

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