Types Of Wood Finish

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Various types of wood finish
Types of wood finish

Finish is the top most coats which will save your floor from the wear and tear of daily usage. Finish is also something which gives color and luster to your floor. Finishes are considered as one of the best ways to give personal touch to your wood flooring. It’s totally upon you whether you like dark wood finish or light finish, high gloss finish or a stain finish, the options you got are truly infinite. The type of wood finish you select creates a big difference on the durability factor, wear factor and looks. You can either go for basic oak wood finish or go for exotic finish like Brazilian walnut and Bolivian rosewood. Opting for good wood finish will eliminate the need of sealer after installation. While you are considering the type of wood finish, you need to first decide whether you are doing it yourself or hiring any professional for doing it. It makes a huge impact on the type of wood finish you choose. If you are going for a DIY job then you can consider pre finished wood finish as it will save up many labor hours and cleaning work. On a contrary going for an unfinished wood finish will let you have customized wood finish choices.

However application of wood finish will give your floor a long lasting beauty and will also need minimum care with the latest technology and right wood finish products. The appropriate wood finish will protect your floor from dirt, moisture and wear and will avail your floor with attractive sheen and color. In today’s time majority of floors are covered up with wood finish. There are many options available in wood finish types having different looks and advantages. Here are some of them to help you out.

  • Surface wood finish

These types of wood finish are very much popular in today’s time as they are highly durable and are also water resistant and needs very less amount of maintenance. Surface wood finish is a mixture of synthetic resins. These are most probably referred as polyurethane or urethane. They are applied on the surface of the wood and it will create a protective coating. These are most probably available in high gloss wood finish, satin, matte or semi-gloss finish. Application of any of this wood finish is prefect for kitchen.

  • Oil modified urethane wood finish

This is considered as one of the common finish and its application is also very much easy. This wood finish has a petroleum base with a mixture of synthetic resins and also other film forming agents which will produce a durable surface which will be moisture resistant. It is basically a solvent based polyurethane agent which will get dried in time period of eight hours. This type of wood finish will get better with age and is available in various sheen levels.

  • Paste wax

Application of paste wax wood finish
Paste wax wood finish

This is considered as one of the oldest wood finishes and also by far one of the best wood finishes. Wax as a wood finish is most easy to apply and also least expensive one and it also dry very quickly. With good amount of care this will also last for a very long time or let’s say forever. In case of wax, applying it over a penetrating surface is basically in the woods surface and hence you don’t wear the finish, you wear the wood itself. Wax is applied in very thinner coats for giving your surface adequate amount of protection after the application of stain or sealer.

  • Water based urethane wood finish

It is the water borne urethane having a mixture of plasticizers, synthetic resins and other ingredients which form a finish which is moisture resistant. These are those wood finish which are very clear and don’t get yellow and it has different sheen levels. They possess a very mild level of odor as compared to that with oil modified wood finish and it gets in a time period of two to three hours. This type of wood finish is more expensive.

  • Varnish wood finish

This basically have a suppressed natural varnish which is made from the vegetable oil. This wood finish is used even before urethane finish came into existence.

  • Penetrating sealers

These are those wood finish which are spread on the floor and then are left to penetrate and this are generally solvent based. The excess amount of sealer is cleared off by using rags or steel wool pads. This type of wood finish usually has a color and is basically used for sealing or staining the wooden floors. This type of wood finish is made up from linseed oil or Tung and has qualities of hardness and drying quickly.

  • Shellac

Shellac wood finish in home
Application of shellac wood finish

This type of wood finish contains wax and is not in use very widely. In today’s time it is used for top coating the wood flooring. Dewaxed sealer is majorly used for wood floor sealer and has become very much prevalent across the globe.

  • Moisture curved urethane wood finish

This type of wood finish is highly durable and is also highly moisture resistant as compared to other surface finishes. This wood finish basically comes in satin and gloss. These are extremely difficult in applying and have a very extreme odor. You cannot go for DIY job in case of this wood finish and it’s better to leave to the professionals only.

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 Properties of wood finish

Wood finish Respiratory safety Coats needed Time for drying Odor Flamable Sheen
Oil modified urethane Needed 2 to 3 Gentle Average Flamable  Stain
Water borne urethane Needed 2 to 4 Rapid Low Non flamable  Stain
Moisture cured urethane Needed 2 to3 Depends on humidity Strong Depends on humidity  Stain
Conversion varnish Needed 2 to 3 Rapid Extreme strong Flamable  Stain
Wax Optional 1 to 3 Rapid Low Flamable  Wax



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