Types of Windows

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2016)
Types of Windows
Different types of windows

There are vast ranges of incredible windows which can suit any function or it can fulfill any of your personal choice. If you want to choose same window for whole house, you can do that and if you want variety of windows in your house, it can also look good. Windows must be chosen according to the direction and climate prevalent in the area. Windows styles are developing and changing all the time.  Here are some of the varieties of windows among which you can choose.



  • Double hung windows

Double hung windows are more prevalent for their excellent ventilation, unique style and ease in accessibility. In this type of windows, top remains open while the bottoms are closed. These types of windows are more suitable for kid’s rooms. But however double hung windows can go anywhere in your house say kitchen, office and bedrooms. Thus it is very flexible and adaptable. But double hung windows are such which leak more air as compared to other windows. Another drawback is that here only half of the window opens up where as in other types of window full window can open.

  • Awning windows

Awning windows are such which are specially designed to provide light and breeze. This type of windows is perfect for bedrooms where you need privacy still it manages to give light along with privacy. Awning windows are opened little bit to allow air circulation and ventilation. This type of windows can be placed at variety of places like above large patio doors to create a large wall of light, next to other window or it can be even arranges in columns. Awning window’s screen is set inside which gives an invitation to dust and dirt to fall on the sash and lie onto your floors and makes it dirty.

  • Casement windows

Casement windows are such opens up outwards to get light, fresh air and cool breezes. Casement windows are sealed tightly to get energy efficiency. These are more suited to those places which are hard to reach like appliances in the kitchen and sink. Casement windows open crank unlike other windows which slides up and down. This is comparatively easier. If you are into an older home then casement windows can be matter of issue. You must have a check on its stability. Casement windows are usually tough but still if there is some fault in hardware then it increases the risk of break down. Thus security can be on question. Thus you should consult with a professional and check whether it needs a replacement or not.

  • Picture windows

Picture windows are such which gives you unobstructed views of your outdoors. They are best suited to those areas where ventilation is not a matter of issue. But when ventilation is a concern this type of window might not be a good option. Installing picture windows on walls that too high especially in the dark rooms, it will give amazing look. If patio doors and open and close windows are combined with picture windows then it gives a perfect balance of ventilation and light. But these windows are only for looks and there is large portion of glass thus it is prone to breakage.

  • Bay windows

Bay windows give an open and peaceful feel of indoors. It allows multiple views and it allows light to enter the room from different angles. Bay windows add style and uniqueness to your home. If you replace your older flat window with bay window it completely transforms your room’s look and lighting. They are basically used in kitchen but also a good addition to master bedrooms and family rooms.

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