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Different Types of Windows

There are many different types of windows that style up the construction of your home. It allows the natural light to flood into your home during the day and leads in availing with fresh and dry atmosphere. Different types of windows and doors help to define the elegance of your home whether it is modern or traditional. Rather you are having the option of customizing your windows according to your needs and taste. Windows are used for saving money as an energy efficient option. They are usually placed on the exteriors sides of the home that allows the way heat to enter. Fortunately, there are many types of windows that are capable of managing the heat more efficiently. It offers many benefits to the home owners such as noise cancellation, Low-e coating – it helps in keeping the home warm in winters and eliminates the heat out in summers and Benefits of enjoying the VT ratings (Visible Transmittance).

Picking the exact window style for the home’s needs is your job. Whether you are renovating your home, constructing a new home or just thinking for replacing your old windows, there are many different types of windows available for your choice. Overwhelming is normal but by selecting the best option for your windows, will help you in increasing the charm and beauty of your home. Think twice before selecting the window style from the types of windows available. A step wrong in selecting perfect type of window can lead you in spoiling the appearance of your home. Adopting of new opening mechanisms in windows are increasing rapidly. Different types of window materials, sizes and shapes offer you in taking appropriate decision of having perfect window for your home.

Types of windows:

Hung windows

The hung windows are sub-divided into two different types of window styles:

  • Single hung window

White Colored Single hung window
Constructed model of Single hung window

Single hung windows are raised from the bottom for the ventilation, while the above section of the window is immovable (stationary). It has the top section fixed in its place and the bottom section is movable for ease in maintaining and cleaning. It offers superior ventilation and is easy in operation. The frames of single hung windows are made of PVC extrusions that lead you in having firmed window installation.

This type of window contains two sashes. The bottom part helps in making it easy to bring fresh breeze into your home. It was famous in early years and was very easy in installing. This type of window is way more efficient then it is assumed.


  • Double hung window

Constructed Double hung window
White colored Double hung window

Double hung windows are similar to the single hung window but it offers with the fact that both the sashes are movable and managed easily. Instead of only the bottom part moving, in double hung windows both its parts are functional. It offers several benefit such as are available in wood, vinyl and aluminum. Double hung windows are the most popular choice in the series of new windows.

This type of window offers significant design and style for installation. Double hung widows are maneuver from both the sides, so cleaning the windows becomes much stress-free. By rotating the sashes in, you can easily clean the bottom as well as the top sections of the window.

When you have the option of opening both the sections of the window, better ventilation is the key benefit available for the homes. Opening both sashes of window will lead to eliminate hot air out from one section and allows fresh air into your home. It will maintain the temperature in your rooms.

Keeping only the top part open, offers you a safer protection to small kids at your home. Want to have an energy efficient type of window at your home? Double hung window is advisable for the installation. They have been identified for leaking more air than any other windows.

Sliding windows

Huge sized Sliding windows
Sliding windows Intsallation

According to your needs of lighting and appropriate ventilation, sliding windows known by sliders can act upon your needs and demands. It is a superior option for the home owners to have. Available in varieties of styles, colors and shapes that are suitable for your home construction. This type of window offers with many benefits that may sound appealing to your needs.

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It is much larger than single or double hung windows. It offers you an unobstructed view of the outside world. If you want to enjoy the outside scenery, sliding windows the best option to exercise. Of course the larger size window allows better ventilation and more natural light to enter into your home.

If a window is uncomfortable in operating, you are less likely to open it, right? The core function of any type of window is to allow air from outside. If the primary function is inappropriate to operate then it of no use. Your bothering can be sorted with the help of installing sliding windows at your home. It is known for its easy operation. It is vertically fixed.

One side of the window is stationary while the other side is movable that overlaps the stagnant glass. Generally double and triple sliders are more functional and popular. For better view, it is important to maintain and clean the glasses regularly. Sliding windows are more energy efficient in nature. Lack of complications in operating, blocking air filtration efficiently from outside, and its panels are easily available in the market are some of the benefits to have sliding windows at your home. Look for the energy efficient and best option from different types of windows.

Casement windows

View of Casement windows
Three sashes of Casement windows

One of the most comfortable types of window preferred by the home owners is Casement window. It functions through a crank, which is turned up to open the window. It is opened on both the sides. It is horizontally fixed in the room. Casement windows open towards out, offering you with the option of how far you demand to crank it.

This type of window offers an energy efficient result and provides many benefits. It also seals tight when locked. Before installing it, make sure the area is available to fully swing out up to its capacity. This type of window is observed in old homes. If planning for installing the windows near the deck then opting for another option of window is more beneficial for the home owners.

Hand cranks works prominently while operating the window. To open the casement window, hand cranks is a great advantage for reaching to hard places such as above sink, countertops, and furniture. It is extremely simple to operate it because most of the hand cranks are fixed on the bottom surface. Casement windows are difficult to break unless you are having an old house.

Unlike other windows, they open only half way like double hung windows and sliding windows but casement windows opens wholly. Wide open aeration is available by installing casement windows. Casement windows offer better safety measures. It’s locks are embedded in the frames. The option of selecting how wide your window should be opened is also available. It works as a weather shield window option for the home owners.

It is versatile in looks and appearance. There are different types of window materials available in casement windows:

  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Impact resistant
  • Wood
  • Customized model, etc.

Awning Windows

Three wooden Awning windows
Awning windows constructed view

This type of window is much like casement windows. But its functioning is a bit different. Casement windows moves on the hinges mounted on the sides. Whereas the awning windows moves on the hinges installed on the top.

Awning windows are as popular as the casement windows. This type of window is cost effective. The cost is determined on the factors such as manufacturer, size and materials used. For least expensive option, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and PVC are useful.

Awning windows can be installed at higher distance on the walls. The construction of awning windows is different from other windows. When placed higher, it offers ventilation and natural lights without compromising your privacy. The windows are placed higher on the walls that offer enough space to present your art and furniture.

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This type of window works great in bedrooms and bathrooms. Versatility is another benefit. Awning windows offer an advantage in versatility. It is installed higher on the walls, awning windows serves great flexibility and styling and designing your home decor. Also known by featured windows that adds an enhanced look to your home. Adding different grills and patterns to the window will represent your home.

Awning windows offer a simple and an easy way of installing and increase your home’s architectural structure. It comes in varied styles and patterns that avails you with having best option at your home. Select the pattern that suits perfectly with your home designs and decor.

If you’re looking for an energy efficient option of window installation, awning windows offers you the right choice. It is a significant way of saving energy, Eco-friendly in nature, and wide range of options to have. Approximately 12 percentage of reduction is observed in energy consumption after installing awning windows.

It is easy to use. Older windows were difficult to operate but awning windows are designed keeping in mind this issue. The hand cranks are mounted downside the window, so it is easy to open and close. It increases the ventilation and reduces obstruction to the outer world.

Picture windows

Five Picture window installation
Picture windows – immovable windows

One of the most common types of window is the picture windows. Picture windows are fixed in structure, it means they can’t be closed or opened. They are huge in size and structure. It is installed for picturing a beautiful view for enhancing the look of your home. This type of window is often observed in home having high ceiling and vaulted areas.

It is installed on the doors and windows. Though they are not the popular choice of windows, but some manufacturers presents a combination of picture windows by allowing natural light and ventilation too. Common combination that are observed:

  • Picture and double hung windows
  • Casement and picture windows
  • Picture and sliding windows

There are no mechanical parts involved in the construction of picture windows. Cost of installing this type of windows is less because it is fixed in structure. It excludes the cost associated with replacing the window parts. Less mechanism leads to less cost of installing.

Picture windows are perfect option to install during winters. The heat from sun helps to warm the rooms. Using the natural heat will lead you reducing energy consumption cost. It comes in varieties of shapes and sizes that help in figuring out the picture perfect windows for your home.

Fixed windows if installed correctly will lead you in having no gaps, so saving on energy becomes easy and simple. Even small sized picture window options are available that can be installed easily by the home owners.

Bay windows

Bay windows with sitting arrangement
White Bay window sashes

One of the attractive yet practical solutions of installing windows are the Bay windows. It offers both an aesthetic as well as an appealing look to your home. Bay windows are superiors in functionality that helps you in better operation. For long term results, bay window is the best type of window that offers positive yield outcomes.

No doubt installation of bay windows is costly but provides with many benefits suitable for your home. There is something about the bay windows that catches one’s attraction promptly. Basically this type of window is curved in shape. The middle section of the window is fixed while both the sides are active in functions.

It opens to the exteriors of the home. It is comfortable in operating and can be operated with the help of hand cranks attached to the window sashes. The beauty of bay windows depicts from its size, shape and design. Adding it will lead you in increasing the value of your home. Structural and modern look makes it more relevant to install.

Benefit of enjoying panoramic view is offered by mounting bay windows at your home. This type of window allows ample of natural light to enter the home premise. There are cluster of windows, so there is never a shortage of natural light entering the home. A group of sashes attached in the windows allows proper ventilation. It can be opened outwards for adoring cool breeze as and when preferred.

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It can be mounted in almost all types of modern structure of the houses. It is way more versatile in styling and designing your home. This type of window can be installed in bedroom, study rooms, and kitchen. Adopting and experimenting different patterns of bay windows will help you in increasing the charm.

Among the windows, bay windows allow a great storage space. The seating area around the window can be used for placing sofas. Placing a bench for enjoying the scenic view outside your home is another option with the home owners. Want to install windows for a long term? Bay window is an accurate option to exercise.

Skylight windows

Skylight windows installation in bedroom
Six Skylight windows sashes

Have you ever thought of installing skylight windows? This type of windows has many benefits to offer. It is one of the least common windows observed in the homes. They are installed on the top surface of the home that brings sunlight in through it. It offers proper ventilation in summers for letting the heat out and maintains the temperature.

It also serves as an emergency exit. There are different types of skylight windows that offer with different specifications and functions.

Fixed skylights windows

They are stagnant and non-movable in nature. It is mounted and fixed permanently in the roof. The roof mounted windows cannot open in any way and is not an appropriate option for ventilation. It requires least expanse of maintenance and offers high durability.

Roof skylight windows

For home having no flat walls in the attic space, roof windows are best option to have. It opens to the exteriors of the roof. It offers a way out for the home owners while facing any fire emergencies. It needs a dormer for fixing it well on the sides of the window.

Electric venting skylight window

Women operating Electric venting skylight window
Opening the Electric venting skylight window

It works more prominently than manual venting skylight windows. It is electrically powered and works on the commands offered by its controller. This type of window is the handy option of operating for areas hard to reach. Pressing a button will open the sashes and for shutting it down, press another button. It is easy in operating as compare to other skylight windows.

Some of the window also works on solar power that helps in reducing energy consumption cost. Sensors are mounted that operates to open and shut the window sashes automatically. It also functions on the weather conditions that are observed.

Attic ventilation is one of the major benefits that help in maintaining the temperature in your attic space. Skylight windows are designed for keeping water out of the home. They are installed on the steep surface of the roof that doesn’t let water to enter up the home interiors. Even offers a way to escape while fire situation and helps in allowing air into your home.

Most of the home owners think, installing skylight windows will lead to water leaks and damage. Better-quality flashing and opting perfect design of skylight windows makes your worries to bring an end. It makes the roof sections water tight and approved water proofed.

Maintenance it is a vital important point to be taken into consider. If they aren’t maintained properly, it will start leaking and damaging the interiors of your home. Annual cleaning and inspection of this type of window is mandatory for enjoying perfect skylight window installation.

Picking up the right window design as per your home’s needs is your duty. Have a clear view on which type of window installation is suitable for your home with an overview of different window structures. Different specification and benefits of windows are stated above for making an appropriate decision of installing right type of windows at your home.


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