Types of Window Blinds

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2017)
Different types of blinds
Various types of blinds

When it comes to window blinds, you are available with plenty of options. However deciding the types of window blinds to install in your home depends upon the area where you are residing in and also in which room you want to install window blinds. Window blinds are made from the long horizontal and vertical slats of several types of plastic, wood and metal by using the cords which runs through the slats and hold them together. There are also some of the types of blinds which make of only single piece of material instead of using slats. Seeing the types of window blinds and deciding the perfect one becomes very much important when you are undertaking the project of renovating your current home or planning to shift to a new place and some really good window treatment. Installing types of window blinds adds up style to your home and it also protects your home from several natural elements like high winds, extreme sun and snow fall. However, choosing the right types of window blinds depends upon your taste and style and also upon the interiors of your home. To help you with the options, here are some of the types of window blinds to choose from.

  • Roman blinds


Installation of roman blinds
Roman blinds in home

These are the types of window blinds which are widely used for blocking the sun light. If you are residing in those areas bearing heavy sun light, roman blinds are perfect choice for you home. These are also called as roman shades or just romans. When you will open such blinds, they will stack up evenly. However when you are covering up the full height of your windows, these types of window blinds does it very smoothly and efficiently. While doing so, these windows also don’t overlap. You can buy such types of blinds along with lining which is basically known as black put fabric which is used for blocking out the sunlight fully. If you are not a morning person and have a habit of sleeping till late in the morning then this types of window blinds would be a perfect fit for your bedroom as it will keep the light away and get you sound sleep. Even if you are having small babies, you should opt for such window blinds as they tend to sleep during the day and having blinds which can give the feel of night will help to make your baby sleep easier and for longer period of time. These types of window blinds are also helpful if you are living in area with high temperature as they are used for keeping the inside part of your home cool and keeping the heat out. However with so many benefits, these types of window blinds also have a drawback. As compared with that of other types of window blinds like vertical, Venetian and roller blinds, this blind is not very good in providing security against moisture issues. These is one of the biggest reason why they are not fit for installing it in bathroom and kitchen as these are the areas having heavy moisture issues.

  • Venetian blinds

In case of these blinds the slats are place one above another in horizontal manner. These are the slatted basic blinds which are made out of metal or plastic. In certain case, environment friendly wood slats are also used in US who are presently known as bamboo blinds or wood blinds hence e if you are concern about the environment and want something eco-friendly then these is perfect choice for you. These blinds are suspended by the cords or tapes or cloth strips which can be rotated in all the slats in unison manner in almost one hundred and eighty degrees. These can be rotated in such a manner that they usually get overlapped. If there is any change in rotation then several degrees of separation can be received. In each and every slat of venetian blind, there is a lift cord. When you are pulling this cord, the blind placed on the bottom will move upwards causing the slat at the lowest point to press under the highest slat when you raise the blind.

  • Roller blinds

These are another famous types of window blinds known for its longevity and practicality. Instead of using several slats, these are made up from single piece of corrugated plastic which folds up or is stretched down by using a cord. These types of window blinds can darken the room totally without even a single streak of sunlight pondering in the room. On the other side, when these blinds are folded up they look like there is no window treatment at all installed on the window. These are such set of blind which can make your room look like night time even during the peak hours of day.

  • Slat or Persian blinds
Installation of Persian blinds
Persian blinds in home

These are one of the most common types of window blinds. These have plenty of slats placed in horizontal direction. These are basically made from metal or vinyl which is connected with the strings so that they can easily allow the light to pass in between each slat when you are rotating them. These are allowed to rotate up to hundred and seventy degrees for hiding the sunlight and pulling upwards for keeping the window totally clear. These window blinds are appropriate to have a control of the amount of exterior light to be allowed in through the window. These are because of the ability of the slat to close tightly.

  • Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are popular for not collecting much dust due to its structure of standing vertically instead of horizontally. There is no mechanism of lifting up and down, instead it slides on one side and it is perfect for those doors and windows which slide from one side to another. This needs less muscular strength and can also be operated more speedily as compared with other types of window blinds.

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