Types of Swimming Pool

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Different types of swimming pool
Types of swimming pool

Swimming pools are very simple. Basically they are nothing but big basin filled with water. During the hot summer days, swimming pool seems like the biggest invention man ever discovered. However if you are fond of swimming pool, you just install one in your home. Yes of course it can be a costly investment and the maintenance part has also been taken into consideration before you decide to install swimming pool. Plumbing system should also be taken care of before installing swimming pool in your home. Swimming pools are available in plenty of shapes and sizes. Most of the times all the pool types say backyard pool, waterpark pool or wave pool works in the same basic pattern of pool. All the swimming pools have to use the same method of filtration and should be given some specific chemical treatment to keep such a large volume of water clean in the swimming pool. A basic swimming pool needs to have seven basic elements. A motorized pump, a basin, a water filter, drains, returns, a chemical feeder and PVC plastic plumbing which should connect all these things are placed in a swimming pool. The general idea is pumping water in a continuous manner from the swimming pool to the filtration level and from there it should be transferred to chemical treatment system and then it will get back to the swimming pool again. In this manner only the pumping system will be able to maintain the water in the pool free of any debris, dirt and any kind of bacteria. There are certain swimming pools which also have heaters so that it can keep the water warm and maintain it in specific temperature. This was the general procedure of the working of the swimming pool. Now still if you are interested in installing one in your home, you just check out the various types of swimming pool and see which one fits in with your needs properly and then go for its installation. The basic difference in most of the swimming pool types is the way in which the basin is constructed. There are many different types of swimming pool having their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them.

  • Above ground swimming pool

Above ground swimming pool
Above ground pool in home

These types of swimming pool are considered as one of the cheapest option of construction. Even this are considered as one of the easiest to build. Majority of the above ground swimming pools are built from the prefabricated kits. Hence this can even be installed by someone who is not a professional but still majority of the people opt for professional installation of swimming pool only. The first thing to be done while installing this swimming pool is, leveling off the ground to have a flat building surface. After that a perimeter track must be assembled for supporting the outer wall which can be made from plastic, metal or brick. Next step is to spread the sand in the swimming g pool and then fit the plumbing system there. After the vinyl liner must be secured over the walls of the swimming pool. Fill up your swimming pool with water and then smoothen the liner and then fasten it into its original place. Just when they hook the pump up along with these types of swimming pool filtering system, your swimming pool is perfectly ready to work. One of the major cons of such types of swimming pool is that they are not much durable as compared with that of other pools. These swimming pools are also less attractive. These are not of permanent nature which is actually a plus point as they can be easily disassembled and can be moved from one position to another.

  • Fiberglass swimming pool

Installation of Fiberglass swimming pool
Fiberglass swimming pool in home

These types of swimming pools are manufactured from fiberglass reinforced plastics which are generally molded in the shape of basin. For installing this pool, a proper sized hole must be dig and then necessary plumbing must be laid off. After that sand filler must be added, which is used to lower the performed structure of the pool into the hole. After that the swimming pool must be leveled and the plumbing system should be hooked up and the area around the pool must be backfilled. Generally concrete deck structure is used for surrounding the pool.

  • Vinyl lined in ground swimming pool

These types of swimming pool are so much similar with that of above ground pools structure wise but they have a look more like the conventional in ground swimming pool deigns. A hole must be dig and a wood, metal or plastic wall frame must be attached around the perimeter of the hole. In case of above ground pools, and is laid along the bottom of the hole for securing the vinyl lining with that of structural wall. These types of swimming pools are very much cheap as compared to that with other in ground swimming pools but one of the major drawbacks is that these are not much durable. In general the liner needs to be replaced in every ten years.

  • Gunite swimming pools

This is one of the most popular types of swimming pool among other types and is preferred more by the people. For building this type of swimming pole, there needs a hole to be dig and plumbing system should be fixed in its place and the framework grid should be attached to it. There is a need to install 3/8 inch of steel rods in the swimming pools which should be reinforced. These rods are known as rebar. These rebar are placed in the pool leaving a space of 10 inches and are secured with each other by using wire. When the grid sets in its place, there is spraying of heavy coating of gunite on the rebar. It is actually a mixture of sand and cement.

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