Types of staircase can be installed in your home

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2016)
Types of staircase
Different types of staircase

If you are planning of constructing your own house of more a floor than you will definitely need a staircase which can help you to get there. Well, than the further discussion will help you to decide which type of staircase will be more suitable in your construction? The pattern, the design and all the fittings which are required can be solved up by installing it in your home. No doubt with different designs and structures, the cost will definitely vary and this will be your thing which you need to budget.

Hearing the word staircase strikes up many things in our mind like the dream pattern you want in your staircase, the design, the way of construction, and the structures which you want to install in your home. There are different fascinating designs which are available in the market and the home owners can install it in your home. This article will help you to decide which type of staircase will be suitable in your home.

Types of Staircases

  • Straight Flight Staircase

Well, according to me it is the most common type of it which is used and installed in the construction of the home. Its structure is very simple and easy which can be carried on by any of the home owners. It is mostly selected to be installed because it is easy for the home owners to assemble it. Not only have that but the home owners can on their own have the privilege of owning and assembling it. For the home owners as good advice, that installing it would be helpful if they want to move their furniture from the top to the bottom.

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  • Winder Staircase

Winder staircase is considered to be somewhat different type amongst all the types. There are many different things which the home owners should know before installing it in your home. It has somewhat slant look which increase your confidence on stepping on it. With the support of the grid amongst it helps the people to handle it with grip on the stairs. Not only that there are different structures available in the market like single winder and double winder staircase that the home owners can install and attach in their home.


  • Circular Staircase

If you want to have a glance at eth beauty of this stairs than you must observe it from the top most angle of your house. It will give a different and elegant look to your house. The circular shape of it increases the beauty of the home. This type of stairs is provided when the construction or the building where it is going to be installed is of more than one floored. The circular motion and the structure of it increase its view and are helpful for the home owners to complete the entire task at a time by using it. There are certain things which the home owners must keep in mind at the time of electing it as the staircase they want in their home.


  • Bifurcated Staircase

Talking about these types of staircase, well it is more suitable in the home which are big in structure and its foundation is enough capable of getting the weight of it. Its structure is such that it has two stairs one from the right and other from the left and it is considered to be the biggest stairs which can be placed in your home. Not only in the home but it is observed in big public building.

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  • Geometrical Staircase

If you are thinking of installing such type which is free in shape and is according to your wish, than mark my words you must go for the geometrical staircase. It is upon the constructor, the shape that you want can be turned up into stairs. Not only that, you can give different patterns and designs to the grip holder which is going to be attached with your staircase.

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