Types Of Rugs For Your Home

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Different types of rugs
Various types of rugs

There are many décor options for your home, you can add lighting, you can add decorative furniture, you can add curtains, blinds, drapes and many more things but all this things will add charm to your home. When you want to add warmth to your home all this décor items will not help you. You can add types of rugs to your home for adding warmth and elegance. Adding various types of rugs to your home will add a cozy feeling to your home. When your home is located in a cold area then you cannot walk on a bare floor and hence you need types of rugs to give warmth to your home. Adding types of rugs to your home will work two ways for you, it will decorate your home and also add warmth to your home. Walking on bare wooden floors and cold tiles can be really harsh and to make it more comfortable, you can throw some rug. It will also make your room to look more inviting. Here are some of the types of rugs which you can consider while adding it to your home.

  • Runner rug

When you had a bad snowy day outside, you enter your home and kick off your shoes, you will expect to have a warm and cozy surface for your feet. A runner rug is perfect addition for your hallway just when you enter your home. A runner rug in the hallway will give you a very homely feel and comforting touch to your feet. Every person entering your home will pass through the hall way and hence it indicates that it is a high traffic zone of your home. When you are buying such types of rugs, it is advisable to avoid light colors and go for bold and dark colors. Rugs placed in such area will get dirty very soon and will clearly show dirty footprints and mud. Hence avoid light colors and opt for buying dark colors which also complements with the interiors and the color scheme.

  • Sheepskin rug

Sheepskin rug for your home
Lying on a sheepskin rug

These types of rugs were very much prevalent in the time of 70s but they are back now and becoming very popular among many people. These types of rugs can be best suited in your bedroom. If you are having wooden flooring, you can place a sheepskin rug beside your bed. This will give your toes a nice warm feeling when you step out of your bed. During cold winters, you don’t like to step out of the bed; having such types of rugs installed beside bed will make it easier and will drag you out to start your day.

  • Oriental rugs

A home which is designed eclectically is by far one of the trendy situations going on at this very moment. Having oriental rugs installed in your home is the perfect way of nailing this trend as they have beautiful patterns and rich colors which will grab the attention of your whole room. For getting such types of rugs, you don’t have to roam around the entire world as they would be clearly visible and popping up across whole street at very reasonable prices. Hence such types of rugs is a cheap and decorative addition to your home.

  • Fluffy rugs

Fluffy rugs are by far one of the most famous types of rugs available in the market. These types of rugs will add a touch of luxury to any of your rooms. Such types of rugs are very easily and also cheaply available. These types of rugs are available in plenty of colors and designs; you can choose the one most suitable with your interiors and décor.

  • Statement rugs

If you are having a modern home, then opting for a statement rug is most appropriate option for you. Try to choose rugs which have a contrasting color with your room. This will give a really nice effect to your room. Try to pick a bright colored or designed rug for your room as it will stand out very clearly. Now when you use totally different and contrasting colors, chances are there it might look bit odd. To avoid such situation, you have to tie your room together. Make use of color of the rug in small items of your room. If you are having yellow rug, you can have flower vase of yellow color, or you can have wall clock of yellow color. This will make unity in your design.

  • Striped rugs

These types of rugs can change the whole dimension of your room. These types of rugs will make your ceiling to look higher. If you are having a long but narrow room then it can be considered as a very useful addition. Put the stripes of your rugs in opposite directions to the exact length of the room for making it to look wider than it actually is.

  • Round rugs

Round rugs at home
Classy round rugs

If you have some unique choice and you want to portray it in your home then you can go for choosing round rugs. These types of rugs will give somewhat different taste to your room as compared to that with other types of rugs. Such types of rugs can be used for highlighting the key areas of your home. If you are having a round table then setting up your round rug with round table will unify your whole room.

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Tips to choose a right rug

There are three basic elements which should be considered while choosing right types of rugs for your home. Color, texture and size of rugs are extremely important while choosing the right types of rugs. Having a small room and large sized rug will make the room inappropriate and also choosing those colors which don’t go at all with interiors will also look bad. Hence consider the colors and size and texture of your home and keep them in mind while buying your new rug. Also keep in mind the cleaning needs of the rug you choose. Also see if you are having elders and kids in your home and the types of rugs you are choosing is comfortable for them or not.

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