Types Of Lighting For Home Decoration

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2017)
Types of lighting options for home
Types of lighting for home decor

Lighting can create magic in your home. A dark room when decorated with fancy lighting will turn it on a whole and will double the charm of your home. When it comes to lighting there are many options, some of them are traditional lighting options while some of them would be modern and trendy lighting options. Types of lighting options are endless; some of them are integrated architectural options which would need professional contractors for installation whereas on the other hand there would be decorative lamps which don’t need any kind of professional installation and can be placed on the table and connected with the nearest plug available and decorate your home with lighting. However there are certain types of lighting options which are most probably associated with a certain layer of lighting like task or accent or ambient and majority of the fixtures are highly versatile and can be used in plenty of ways for home decoration. Well if you are considering giving your home a nice makeover with types of lighting, then first of all you need to explore the types of lighting and sere which one suits with which kind of room and ambience. Here are some of the popular types of lighting for home decoration to explore and choose from.

  • Ambient lighting


Home decor with Ambient lighting
Ambient lighting for home decor

One of the most common types of lighting among various lighting options is ambient lighting. These types of lighting give a very soft glow which will blanket your space just in an appropriate way to work without any kind of hindrance of harsh glare. When doing photography and cinematography, ambient lighting is considered to be the best and the natural lighting in any room. In case of home décor, natural lighting is very much similar but you can create ambient light to be different which will make the room lighting very much natural and very much flat. Ambient lighting is basically meant to get you very safely from one point to another point. However it is not much advisable to work very minutely with the things or you make your stuff highlight around your space. When this type of lighting is used in appropriate manner then it will create a fabulous environment where you can relax after having a stressful day. It will also give you perfect ambience to have a memorable conversation with an old friend after a long period of time. Ambient lighting is basically referred as the mood lighting as this light will be capturing the soft curves of your face and it will also allow your pupil to dilate very softly which is generally sign of affection. Yoga studios have started installing these types of lighting in their place to help the students to relieve stress from their body.

  • Track lights or recessed lights

Try and make use of series of these types of lighting through pout your entire space. These will work very appropriately with all the types of ceiling but if you are having a ceiling which is lower than ensure that the light is not extremely harsh for the room. Don’t over light your space as it will look really irritating. These types of lighting are very much versatile and they can install very easily in kitchen, den, living room or bedroom.

  • Pendants and chandeliers
Chandelier lights in home
Chandelier for home decor

Do you have taller ceilings? If yes then go for pendants and chandeliers. You can pick the height which you find most suitable for your lighting options. Take care about those chandeliers which are placed below in the lower areas. Make sure it is not too low as people need to walk and they cannot afford to collide with them while walking. This can injure the people and also damage the chandelier. These types of lighting options are considered very much classy and hence it can also be a good choice of home décor in the areas like foyers and also over the bathtub in your bathroom.

  • Wall lights and wall scones

These types of lighting are considered very much versatile and these can be installed anywhere in the home. While installing these types of lighting options in your home, you need to work very carefully as over lighting or installing many lighting in just one location can cause harsh light but when they are used in adequate proportion and in appropriate areas, these will look just amazing. These are best suited in the areas like hallways, porches and patios. Try and incorporate the wall scones in your home architecture only.

  • Task lighting


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These types of lighting are small and it gives more amount of concentrated light. The basic need of task lighting is there when you are working. There are some people who would call task lighting as office lighting also. Task lighting is basically installed to help you see when you are indulged into specific project which will wherein you will need fine light. Some of the examples are reading, sewing, writing, cooking and many such other things. These types of lighting will work well only when it’s basic use is that of a contrasting light. Say for example if you are having a low lit room along with a desk lamp which is turned on then the lighting in that particular area will be quite effective and also with low amount of glare as compared to that with entire room which is lit up with that of brighter light. These types of lighting will help you to stimulate your brain naturally. The contrasting light will allow you to be highly concentrated and more alert. This types of lighting will make you observe all the minute details when you are working and enable you to get more qualitative results. This is the reason why majority of the business opt for task lighting in their offices. You can fix a lamp on your desk and also on the bedside tables or eve coffee tables or at any such place where you will need extra amount of light for working. These types of lighting are portable and hence these are the perfect task lights.

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