Types of Interior Wall Paints that can be applied in your Home

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2016)

Painting, well according to my perception is the most fun loving and beautiful thing which the home owners love to carry on in their home. But do you know that there are many different paints which can be applied in your home and that will give a fantastic and elegant look to your home. You can obtain for with the help of the professional or you can visit to the market for different types of paints which can be applied in your house fort a better look. Paints like satin, matt finished, Eggshell, etc are just the examples amongst all the paints which are applied in your home.

For the home owners it is better to know more about the interior walls which are going to be painted. The more of their information can give them better understanding about which type of paint will be more suitable in their home. Well, this article will help you to figure out which types of paint will be suitable in your home and will make fantastic and beautiful interior walls.

Types of Paint

  • matt paint, types of paint
    Finish of matt paint

    Matt Paint, well they are considered to be the most common type of paint which is noticed in almost all the walls of the home. It is very easy and simple to be applied on your interior walls. The home owners can by their own also carry on the work of painting their walls. Sometimes you need to coat is twice or thrice for giving it the effects which you are in fond of. Matt paint gives the elegant and simple look to your house.


  • satin paint, types of paint
    Finish of satin paint

    Satin Paint, this paint is very well known by the home owners but only some of them try to exercise it in their interior walls. This paint give a glossy as well as the sheer look which the home owners need to clean it regularly if they are planning to apply it on their walls. This paint is more expensive as compared to the other paints which are available in the market. But one thing which the home owners must keep in mind at the time of applying it on their walls is, it should not be applied on the walls with imperfection, this will give it a gaudy look which will reduce the charm of your house.


  • eggshell paint, types of paint
    Finish of eggshell paint

    Eggshell Paint, this type of paint is considered to be the best exercised paint by the home owners. It gives an elegant shine to the walls on which is going to be applied. For the home owners who love their walls to be shiny and glossy, well for you guys eggshell paint is the best option to be considered with. It has the smoothness and different look as compared to those of others. Unlike others it is very easy to be applied and without the help of the professionals, the home owners can also apply it on their own. And all the imperfect effects which are installed in your walls can be evaded by applying the eggshell paint in your house. These effects will not let your interior walls to look bad and will cover all the imperfection which is seen in your home.


  • gloss paint, types of paint
    Finish of gloss paint

    Gloss Paint, this paint is considered as another common one which is applied in your house. Apart from the matt look, the glossy look of the walls is also widely accepted by many of the home owners. It gives a glossy and shinny look to your walls and there is small issues that if any imperfection is observed on your interior walls than due to applying the gloss paint it shows and reveals the actual facts of the wall. You will be needed to apply two coats or I can say more to have the best look of your interior walls.

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