Types of Home Ventilation System

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)
Different home ventilation system
Types of home ventilation system

Any home will be in need of ventilation, if the ventilation is natural then it is very good but if your home is not having any natural way of ventilation then you have to take steps and work for adding ventilation to your home. It is one of the essential features for any home. If you don’t pay proper attention towards home ventilation then there will be several issues. These issues can be related to mold, mildew and moisture. These issues can lead into major repairs which can be quite costly. Ventilation will be mostly needed in areas like basement and attic space. These are the areas which are packed and can have high moisture. Even when you r home is having natural ventilation it is very inadequate and uncontrolled and hence it is always advisable to have proper home ventilation system installed in your home. The type and need of installation of home ventilation system depends upon the outdoor temperature, wind, air tightness and several other factors. If your outdoor temperature is not adequate and you need to install ventilation system then you just check out various home ventilation system and choose the one setting with your budget and your temperature needs.

  • Exhaust ventilation system
Exhaust ventilation system in home
Exhaust ventilation system

This is one of the most common home ventilation systems. These system works buy depressurizing the building. These system basically reduce the pressure of inside air which is at the below part of the outdoor air pressure. This system will be extracting the indoor air from the home and it also infiltrate through leaks through the shell of a building and also by the intentional passive vents. This type of home ventilation system is mostly applicable in cold weather. If you are residing in warm and humid areas then this system is not good choice for installation as this system can draw moist air into the home and this can result in building cavities in the wall. This can get condensed and can be resulting in moisture damage to your home. This type of home ventilation system is very simple and the installation process of these home ventilation system is also quite cheap to install. This type of home ventilation system have single fan which is connected with a centrally situated single exhaust ventilation system in your home. The simplest and most preferred option is of connecting the fan with the duct from plenty of rooms. These include specifically those rooms where the pollutants are accumulated more like bathrooms. You can consider installation of passive vent from the walls or windows. These will bring fresh air in the room and will also reduce the chances of leaks in the home. In several cases passive vents can also be quite ineffective because of large pressure difference as compared to those which are installed by the ventilation fan and might be needed for the ventilation system to work properly. The simplest ventilation system is seen in the bathroom in the form of exhaust fan. One of the drawbacks of this ventilation system is that they can also draw pollutants in the room along with the fresh air. Along with the taking the fresh outdoor air in the room, they also take in the pollutants like dust in the attic space, Fumes from the garage which is attached, Molds and radon’s from a crawlspace. This can be a big concern when exhaust ventilation is in work along with operation of things like range fans, bath fans and cloth dryers.

  • Supply home ventilation system

These home ventilation system would work by pressurizing the home. In this home ventilation system, a fan will be used  to bring the outside air into the home when the inside air will go out of the home through holes in shell, intentional vents and bath and range fan ducts. Just like the exhaust home ventilation system, supply home ventilation system is also very simple and the installation process is also cost effective. The general system has a duct system and a fan which will bring in the fresh air into those rooms which the members of the house use the most. This will keep the areas like kitchen bedroom and living room ventilated appropriately. This home ventilation system, might also include wall vents or window vents in several other rooms. This home ventilation system will give you better air control which will be entering your room as compared to that with exhaust fan home ventilation system. This home ventilation system has one of the benefits as compared to that with other home ventilation system and it is that it doesn’t allow the air pollutants to enter into the house from outside and it also stops the back drafting the combustion of gases from several appliances and fireplaces. These home ventilation system also filters the air and remove the dust and pollen and get the air dehumidified.

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Supply home ventilation system is at its best during mixed or hot weather. They pressurize the home and during cold weather there are chances of moisture getting accumulated in the house.

  • Balanced home ventilation system
Balanced ventilation system in home
Home having Balanced ventilation system

If you are installing this home ventilation system, It will not pressurize or depressurize your home.  Instead of that they will probably bring in the equal amount of fresh air from outside along with the pollutants from outside atmosphere. This type of home ventilation system generally has two duct system and two fans. It will enable proper distribution of fresh air by installation of exhaust vents and supply vents in proper places. A proper balanced ventilation system is designed for providing fresh air to common rooms and bedrooms where majority of the homeowners spent most of their times. This ventilation system also provides good ventilation in those rooms giving excess moisture issues like bathroom, laundry room and kitchen. This system will not be removing moisture from the air before it enters your home. There are filters for removing pollen and dust from the outside air before it enters your room.

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