Types Of Heating System For Your Home

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)
Heating sysetm for home
Types of heating system

Heating system for your home has come a long way from a time when there was only humble fireplace as the only heating alternative. The technological advances in today’s time have made tremendous progress and there are plenty of new options made available for heating system for your home. The heating system for your home have made more efficient and choice has been varied which can make choosing the one overwhelming. Every heating system for your home have different system of working and you must know the perfect way of how to take care of it and how to maintain it in the most efficient manner. The heating system for your home can be either piping hot water through the pipes or it can be blowing off the hot air through the duct. However if you are not satisfied with the current heating system of your home and you are considering to change it then you must review the options of heating systems, know their working system, their benefits and their drawbacks and then go for choosing the one you find most favorable. If you are not aware of the types of heating system in the market then here are some of the heating systems for your home, check them out and choose the one you find most suitable.

Types of heating system for your home

  • Heat pumps





This is one of the efficient ways of heating your home. The heat pumps will probably absorb the heat from the outside areas like ground, air or even body of water and make use of a heat exchanger which will transfer the heat inside your home. The functioning of this system can be reversed and it can also be used for cooling your home. The most common heat pumps will be drawing thermal energy from the air or from the ground. In general heat pumps are becoming very famous eating choice for homeowners in today’s time. However ground source and air source heating pumps can be quite expensive as compared to that with conventional heating system. These can give nice amount of energy savings to those who resides in a low temperature conditions. Major advantages of this heating system for your home is that they are highly energy efficient and they can be used all around the year for both heating and cooling purposes. They can also provide you with savings by saving up some of your energy bills if they are fitted with the desuperheater which is used to transfer the excess amount of heat to the hot water tank. However it has also has certain drawbacks as it gets strained if they are exposed to extreme temperature and these can also be quite expensive to install. Their energy efficiency can also be reduced based on the type and amount of land around your home.

  • Radiant heating system


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Home with radiant heating system
Radiant heating system for home

Radiant heating system for your home makes use of boilers and hence this system is also denoted as boilers several times. However the word boiler and furnace are used in exchange of each other but in reality they are totally different system and have pros and cons of its own. Radiant heating system heats up the water by using natural gas, propane or electricity but still the water doesn’t boil according to its name. By using the radiant heating system, the boiler will move the heat in your home like baseboard heaters, aluminum panels and traditional radiators in the wall, ceiling and floor of the home. This is one of the most popular options for heating your home and it works at its best when it is mixed up with ceramic tile as your flooring choice. There is no use of air duct in this system for transferring heat and hence it circulates the heat in your home without allergens. As compared with that of furnace the installation charges of boiler can be high. If your boiler is old then it can be retrofitted and can be made more energy efficient. One of the major cons of installing this heating system in your home is that it is non-allergic and it can be controlled room wise and it will take less space as compared to that with duct heating system.

  • Furnace


Heating your home with furnace
Furnace for home heating

One of the most common heating systems for your home is furnace. This heating system for your home is by far the oldest and widely seen in majority of the homes. These system works by blowing the air which is heated by the duct system. This system is generally called as forced air heating system and this works with several different fuel types. Most common sources used by this heating system are electricity, oil and natural gas.  Furnaces are quite energy efficient but their cost keeps on changing based upon the type of fuel you are using. If your furnace is not working properly and you don’t want to go for its replacement due to its old age and less energy efficiency then you can call a professional and get your current unit retrofitted and make it more energy efficient. Check for the AFUE rating and try to keep it minimum 80. Always remember higher will be the AFUE rating you will save more money on the energy bills. However the starting investment would be high as compared with that of other options for heating your home. Some of the benefits for installing this heating system for your home are that it is quite energy efficient and also works good for cooling your home during the hot days and it can be retrofitted in your home only for cleaning the air. However on the other hand it also has certain drawbacks as it uses ducts and if there is any leak in the system then the natural gas can be very much dangerous.

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