Types of Fencing

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)

Fencing is symbol of safety and security to your house. Apart from security point of view it is also playing an important role in the outer look of your house. You always want a home which is safe, secure, and elegant and offers privacy. Installing fence can give all of these things to your house. A fence which is installed in a professional manner gives the real feeling of the kind of home you have desired and dreamed of. You are availed with plethora of options when it comes to choosing your fence. Here are some of them go through them deeply, analyze each one of them and they get to the conclusion which one you want for your home.

Farm fencing

Farm fencing, types of fencing
Farm fencing used for farms

Farm fencing is one such type of fencing which is not useful for each and every kind of homes. It applies to those who are farm homeowners. If you are nonfarm home owner, you must not go for it; instead you should go with others like wood, electric and such others. But you must ponder upon the thought how much it can cost you. Farm home is very huge and thus the fencing is also huge and covers a large area.  Along with that it also needs more amount material and manpower.


Bamboo fencing

Bamboo fencing, types of fencing
Elegant bamboo fencing

Bamboo flooring is making its feet strong in the market. Many of the home owners are opting for the bamboo flooring nowadays. It is because bamboo can be grown naturally thus it is a green option for fencing. It is an environment friendly option for fencing and along with that it also gives an attractive appearance to your home.  You are availed with the option of three type of bamboo fencing they are bamboo cane, rolled bamboo and live bamboo. Live bamboo can grow up to a foot in a year. This type of fencing is not much recommendable for cold climate.

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Electric fencing

electric fencing, types of fencing
Benefits of electric fencing

It is also called as invisible fencing. They are used to keep animals away from your home. Here a wire is place in trench dug at the boundary which the homeowner wishes to keep. A wireless transmitter is placed nearby to activate the wire. Thus whenever any animals try to cross that boundary the wire transmits an electric shock and by this animals can be kept away from the home. This can even help you to keep the thief away from home.



Chain link fencing

Chain link fencing, types of fencing
Chain link fencing

Chain link fencing is not of the type of fencing you want as it does not give much privacy. But it fulfills other basic requirements of fencing. But you would be glad to know that chain link fence are cheap and durable and maintenance is also very low. Thus school owners and some of the basic homeowner go for this type. Usually homeowners add flowers and shrubbery kind of stuff not because they add to the security but these things gives somewhat privacy.



Vinyl fencing

Vinyl fencing, types of fencing
Strong vinyl fencing

Keeping the costing criteria aside, vinyl is the best thing you get in case of fencing. Vinyl fencing offers a great level of flexibility and they are much stronger as compared to other type of fencing. The maintenance issues are also low and it can resist paint thus you can clean out the dust and other unwanted stains from your fence without any fear of removing paint. You only need hose and soap to clean your vinyl fence. By doing this much your fence will look new and clean. Of course you need to pay a big amount but in return you get long life span, durability, low maintenance cost, beautiful look.

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