Types Of Chair In Market

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Various types of chair
Types of chair

Types of chairs placed in your home or even in your office or any other place make a huge impact on the interior décor of that place. There are plenty of types of chair to choose from when it comes to options. However whether you are decorating your new home or renovating the old one or decorating your officer, chairs plays a very important part in the overall look of the place. having plenty of types of chair options is good as you can get the one matching with your need but some time it gets overwhelming and you gets confused as to which one to choose and which one not to choose. To get out of this confusion, you need to have exact idea about the types of chairs and evaluate them in detail, know its features and then you will be able to choose. Choosing from the types of chair also depends upon the space of your office or home and also on the other home décor items. Choosing from the types of chairs also depends upon the costing and the resale value of it. Here are some of the types of chair in the market to choose from.

  • Chair and half

These types of chair are considered as very useful furniture piece. This is type of chair is bit bigger than chair is bit smaller than the loveseat. The width of these types of chair will make it a perfect furniture piece for lounging. These types of chair gives a modern look and you can find it any style suiting with your interiors. It might have a tight seat and a tight back so you might need to put up some soft cushions to make the seat and back more soft and comfortable. These chairs can also have a loose seat with a tight back. These types of chair are very much versatile and can be set up in number of places like bedroom or a small living room.

  • Wing chair

Having wing chair in your space
Wing chair in home

Wing chair is a type of chair which is very much traditional in approach. These chairs are interpreted again and they are allotted a better contemporary touch by plenty of modern designers. Wing chair is differentiated with other chairs by the side tables or having wings on the backs which basically serves the idea of protecting from the drafts. Wings are placed so that it can provide you with a comfy surface so that you can rest your head for taking short and quick naps. These chairs are good for lounging or even for reading.

  • Club chair

These types of chair are like upholstered chair having arms. These types of chair have low back with arms which is stuffed in leather. The trend of such chairs has been coming from the 19th century and they are considered really relaxing. Just like the other styles, this style has also been updated. Usually leather is the covering choice of these chairs but now club chairs also comes in fabric.

  • Chaise lunge

Chaise is basically a very long chair. It is a type of chair on which you can stretch your legs without any need of ottoman. The back of this chair is basically at a semi reclining angle. These types of chair back are very much relaxing. You will find this chair usually on the outdoor spaces as they are most popular for relaxing and people usually do relaxing at outdoor spaces. You can place this chair on your deck or in your balcony or in your backyard and enjoy there.

  • Klismos chairs

These types of chair have graceful curves and they have assured the popularity and passed the test of time. These were initially used by Greeks but then they were updated over period of time and now they are used all across the globe. In today’s time, these chairs are available in many material choices and covering like wood, metal and leather to match up with different interior and exterior needs.

  • Slipper chair

Slipper chair is the armless chair. These types of chair legs are very short. Because of its structure, it sits very much close to the ground. Slipper chair has low height which makes it different from other types of chair and makes it more comfortable for many people. Basically slipper chairs are used in the rooms of ladies for sitting or for helping them while they are getting dressed. But now you can find this chair in any room of the home.

  • Occasional chair

Occasional chairs are just like its name suggest. These chairs are used very occasionally. It is basically those extra chairs which you take into use when you are scarce of sitting and when guest arrives. Occasional chairs are nothing but those accent pieces in your home which are picked up for their good looks more than any other thing. These chairs generally have interesting wooden finish and eye catching fabric.

  • Rocking chair

Having rocking chair in your place
Rocking chair in home

These are the types of chair which are placed on a rocker which enable the chair to rock in both back and forth place. Such chair will help to soothe your mind and body as it gives you a gentle motion and will also enable the people to have better sleep. These chairs can be very good for infants and helps parents in parenting as the rocking state will calm the infant and make him fall asleep.

  • Swivel chair

These types of chair are basically revolving chair which can rotate for 360 degrees. You can spot this revolving mechanism in the bar stools, office chairs and recliners. This feature is must in the office chairs as it will enable the worker to have easy access to the telephone, files and computers without any need to get up from the place.

  • Corner chair

From the name itself you will get the idea about these types of chair. These chairs are just like its name used for filling up the empty and awkward spaces in the corner. They give aesthetically very appealing look and also work for adding functionality to the useless corners.

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