Types of Carport

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)

CarportIn majority of homes we usually find that, the number of vehicles is same as the number of the family members. Thus the space for keeping those vehicles should also be more. Sometimes one garage is not sufficient to keep all those vehicles; in this case you have the option of having carports for keeping your vehicles in your home safely. Carport is a reasonable option as it can be constructed around one sixth of the cost of constructing a garage. With less cost also, you are satisfied as your vehicles are protect from extreme heat, snow fall and rain or heavy winds. Carport can be of various types depending on the availability of space, size of vehicle and building regulations prevalent in your locality. Here are various types of carports among which you choose the one to be installed in your home.

  • Steel carport

Steel is considered to be one of the sturdiest materials for construction of carport. Steel carports are made up of galvanized steel pillars and for roof it has steel sheet. Steel is such a material which is heavy and it stays in place even at the time of heavy winds or storms. But for a matter of fact, it is expensive and its installation process is also not much easy. But it has a great visual impact and it gives a complementary effect when placed next to modern structures.

  • Tin carport

Tin carports are comparatively less expensive to steel. But being cheap, they are also less durable. Tin carports can rust easily especially when exposed to moisture or rain. They are best suited if your requirement for carport is for few years only and you don’t want to invest much into it. The aesthetic appeal of tin carport is not that good; it can be better used as freestanding carports which are placed away from the house or corporate place. Tin carports are suitable as a cover for haystacks as it can protect them from rain.

  • Wood carport

Wood carports are by far the best carport one can have. It is most durable, very strong and elegant visually. While manufacturing wood carports, the support poles are made up of wood only. Wood carport is very expensive because it is termite resistant. Along with that factor there are certain specific skills needed to install wood carport and that makes it more expensive.

  • Aluminum carports

Aluminum is such a low weight material and it makes the installation and transportation of it very easy. It is appropriate when you need for temporary events. It has a variety of colors and designs. Thus if you are having any big event and need carport for temporary time, aluminum carports are the best. Aluminum carports are very less expensive, even less than steel and tin. Aluminum carport can also be used to provide shelter to horses. Aluminum is not a material which is very strong thus it cannot withstand high winds. Thus aluminum carports would not be recommended in those areas having high winds.

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