Types Of Cabinets, Doors And Drawers

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Various types of kitchen cabinets
Types of kitchen cabinets

It’s very much interesting to choose the cabinets for your bathroom or your bathroom. You will be available with variety of choices in case of designs and choices and you will be flabbergasted as to what to choose and what not to choose. You will be confused as to where to start from. However it’s nice to have choices but it can be complicated to choose from so many choices when you are not having the basic knowledge about the various types of cabinets doors and drawers. It’s also very much important to know how you can make use of these things for making your remodelling ideas come true. Here are some of the types of cabinets to make you aware with the options you have.

Basically there are three types of cabinets stock, custom and semi-custom cabinets. Each of the types of cabinets gives different benefits based upon your budget and needs. When it comes to stock cabinets, it comes at an entry level price having limited options of choice. Whereas semi-custom cabinets will avail you with more amounts of finishes, styles and drawers. Custom cabinets will give you the widest range of wood types, construction platforms, finishing choices and modifications. Let’s understand all three types of cabinets in detail.

  • Stock cabinets

Stock cabinets are considered as the most rapid way to give your kitchen a new and fresh look these types of cabinets are manufactured in basic cabinet sizes and are made available in very limited choices of finish, colors and door styles. If you have short budget on your home remodelling project then you can consider these types of cabinets to be installed in your kitchen or bathroom. It will fit in with your budgetary needs and will also give casual look.

  • Custom cabinets

Custom cabinets in home
Installation of custom cabinets

Custom cabinets are those types of cabinets which will avail you with the widest range of wood types. Hence if you are having wood flooring and wood décor in your home then opting for these types of cabinets will be best suited to your home. Custom cabinets will also avail you with variety of construction platform and chances of modifications in it and it will also avail you with range of finishing options. If you hire expert professional then you can get any design you want to with custom cabinets whether it be from any existing cabinets or have to work on new piece of napkin sketch approach, you can get you imagination come true with this types of cabinets handed in experienced professional hands.

  • Semi-custom cabinets

You are available with more features, styles and options in case of these types of cabinets as compared to that with stock cabinets. Here you are allowed to give your kitchen personalised look at less cost than custom cabinets. Time period of four to eight weeks is needed for building these types of cabinets. You can get these types of cabinets in plenty of range of finishes, stains, glazes, paints and specific finishing method like distressing. You can also have these cabinets with features like door racks, organization inserts, roll out shelves and it can also be embellished with cabinet’s legs and feet, crown molding and variety of hardware choices for creating a newer and unique look.

  • Base cabinets

Base cabinets are like heavy lifters which are used for bulk storage in kitchen and bathroom. They usually have shelving to place the items like pans, pots, cleaning supplies; cookware and it might also have roll trays or pull out racks to have easy access to many items. It also includes features like wastebaskets, recycling bins and laundry hampers. You can add a toe kick drawer at the bottom part of the base cabinet which will sit on the floor. This will give you space for extra storage. Base cabinets also have many types, here are some of them.

  • Base easy access cabinets – These types of cabinets are constructed with a shelf in middle along with small racks which are attached with the inside door for better accessibility to most used things.
  • Base pull out cabinets – These types of cabinets will have mainly used items very near on a small and open shelves which are fitted on the racks for keeping things from tipping over when you pull out the shelf.
  • Open base cabinets – These types of cabinets do not have any doors and open shelving for displaying or making storage of different items.
  • Two drawer base cabinets – These types of cabinets enable you with the ease in finding the things that you are looking for without any need to deep digging in shelves every single time you need a particular thing.
  • Super cabinets – These are kind of overachievers in the list of base cabinets. These are made available in plenty of varieties which are very much adjustable when it comes to pulling out of shelves or pulling out of wire racks or any general door storage in racks which are attached with inner part of cabinet doors.
  • Wall cabinets

Installation of wall cabinets
Wall cabinets in home

These types of cabinets are also known as upper cabinets or wall mounted cabinets. These are referred to those cabinets which are hung on the walls just the opposite of those which are resting on to the floor. These types of cabinets will save the floor space and increase the beauty of bathroom, kitchen, family room or laundry room wherever they are placed.

  • Tall cabinets

These types of cabinets are also referred to as pantry cabinets or utility cabinets. This helps in making a bountiful storage system along with a dramatic vertical look in whichever space it is installed. Generally this tall cabinet will have a height from 84 inches to 96 inches just as a single unit.

  • Cabinet doors

In any remodelled home, cabinet doors will make a great impact. It covers up a very significant part of the visual look of your home and also defines your personal style. Cabinet doors are also available in plenty of panel styles along with the inset and overlays version.

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