Types of Basement wall Insulation

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)
Different Types of Basement insulation
Types of Basement insulation to be installed

If think basement wall insulation as an option then it is your biggest mistake, it’s not an option instead it’s a necessity. It’s a great solution to many of the basement problems. Problems like high utility bills, cold air leaking and mold can be easily tackled by basement wall insulation. Approximately 30% of your energy bills can be saved if you have installed basement wall insulation. Basement wall insulation can be installed by either insulating the outside of the wall or the inside of the wall. You can also insulate the ceiling along with the walls but most of the people prefer to insulate the area of ceiling instead of walls as it is small comparatively. Here are some of the types of basement wall insulation.

  • Blanket basement ceiling insulation

You are availed with plenty of options from which you can choose according to climate and your choice. Blanket basement insulation is a kind of basement wall insulation which makes use of either fiber glass blanket sheets or cotton blankets for the purpose of insulation. It has many uses like low costing, simplicity and wide coverage. There is only one drawback in this insulation that it avails only limited thermal transfer.

  • Loose fill ceiling insulation

Apart from blanket basement insulation, you also have the option of loose fill ceiling insulation which uses mineral or cellulose wool and fiber glass. Both of these products are produced from recycled materials. Loose fill insulation is very much effective and even less expensive. But on the other side, if there are some voids and large gaps the costing might increase because in case of these type of basement wall insulation it is very much necessary to have a proper and complete sealed for the insulation to work effectively.

  • Spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation is for those basements which are wholly and solely built up and they do not need any further renovation work. As compared to other type of basement wall insulation, spray foam insulation is a bit expensive. Some of the product of liquid foam insulation covers type of polyisocyanurate or polyurethane. These are sprayed on your basement walls along with foaming agents.

  • Concrete block insulation

Concrete block insulation is another type of basement wall insulation. The blocks of concrete are constructed from polystyrene or polyurethane. The hollows of concrete foam insulation are filled up with perlite pellets or foam. Concrete foam insulation is best suited to new construction because it needs a lot of work to be done by mason. One of the disadvantages it carries is that it is little bit less effective as compared to other type of methods.

  • Foam boards

Foam boards are also a nice alternative for basement wall insulation. They are very useful in reducing the heat flow. Foam boards are also fire resistant. If these foam board ignites then they releases noxious gases and thus it is very important to cover them with a fire barrier whenever they are used.

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