Troubleshooting Toilet Issues

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Toilet cleaning process by a lady
Women proceeding the process of Toilet cleaning

Mess with a household plumbing! God, we all are afraid in performing this process. Plumbing at your home can be scary if you do not know what you’re doing. Even nobody wants their home to be flooded all the way, due to the toilet issues, sewage problems, and pretty much everything else that includes large quantities of human waste and water being everywhere in the home. An ounce of prevention will help you in troubleshooting the toilet issues in a better way. Toilets are considered one of the most often used fixture. And there are many potential risks of getting a messier, biggest hassles and expensive you will encounter, if you dint maintained it properly. Don’t worry there’s nothing a possibility of digging out a latrine hole in your backyard, thankfully. By following the tips on preventing toilet issues you can easily the access over cleaning and maintaining your toilet in a good condition.

Preventing toilet issues: 

Fix the toilet issues right away:

When it comes identifying toilet leaks, understand that toilet issues are mostly silent in nature. In this you won’t be able to identify any puddle of water accumulated near your toilet because the water might be leaking from the bowl or the flush tank installed. This might be one of the reasons of fairly overlooking the water leak.

Rather I can say, the toilet leaks that are observed are considered amongst the slowest leaks ever. This results in slow increasing of your energy consumption bills. As the leakage is too slow, it might not instantly show up in your energy bills. But, during the passing time, you might realize that you’re paying $100 every time more when paid. So it’s important to identify the leak as fast as possible and repair it right away for reducing your energy bills of your home.

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Don’t use mild cleaning product regularly:

For regular porcelain cleaning, baking soda, white vinegar and other mild detergents are used. Cleaning your toilet regularly helps in not only maintaining and smelling a good bathroom, but it also helps in identifying any leaks or troubleshooting the plumbing problem at a quicker stage. But only cleaning the toilet is not important, you should also clean the area surrounding your toilet. This will help you in identifying that the water if leaking from the toilet tank, sleepwalking male members of your home or from the shower which is mounted in your bathroom.

Use appropriate toilet paper:

Does it matters? But yes, it’s important to identify and recognize which type of toilet paper you’re using in your bathroom? Not all the toilet towels are equal in manufacturing and of similar materials. We all love the super soft ultra-deluxe types of toilet papers. Use such types of toilet papers that doesn’t break up or clog up the sewage system of your home. Normally that doesn’t happen, but there are certain materials which can easily clog up the sewage or the drainage system of your home. It not only cause your plumbing system but it furniture gets connected with the huge latrine lines ahead. It further gets connected with the municipal sewage lines.

Don’t make the use of brick for saving the flush tank:

Unless and until the flush tank of your toilet is older than mid 90’s, you might be using 1.7 gallon capacity per flush. Most of the sewage system needs at least, much force of water for removing off the accumulated waste. But, if your toilet is older in age and you want to save water, it’s advisable of using a bottle of small rocks or sand for displacing the water, rather than using bricks. Bricks are likely to damage and break down the pipes of plumbing.

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Inspect the interior system of the toilet:

Toilet tank cleaning process
Cleaning the Toilet flush tank

It’s advisable to check the interiors pipes and plumbing system of your toilet every 4 months. It will help you in knowing that it is perfectly in a good condition. It offers better functioning services to the pipes. You can also test the functioning of your toilet. Open the flush tank lid and flush the water once from it. Watch out for the component that is interrupting the plumbing system.

It’s advisable of making sure that the flapper is sealing well and easily shutting off the valves for stopping the running water from wastage. It’s also advisable of not flushing anything more than toilet paper and human waste. It might cause plumbing damage to your home. And it will result in increasing the expenditure from your pocket.

Not to use chemical for draining or unclogging the toilet:

Confused about using chemical drains for unclogging the toilet? Well, it’s advisable of not using it. Many of the plumbers also don’t suggest or recommend of using it. There are many after affects that can even damage or break down the plumbing system at your home.

These types of cleaning products are not only harmful or dangerous for your kin and health but it can also affect the drainage system of your home. Even inhaling too much of such chemicals can cause breathing problem. It also causes damage to the pipes and fixtures which are older in age and is really what home owners want in their bathroom, isn’t it?

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For home with septic system, it’s not advisable using it because it kills away the good bacteria that are better for the home.

Call for a plumber:

plumber coming out from toilet image
Plumber for repairing toilet issues

There are many things which we can perfume on our won, but when it comes for the plumbing system you need to be very carefully worked on. If you’re not comfortable on Do It Yourself process, it’s advisable of calling a plumber. If you find that your toilet is continuously getting brown water or clogging, or getting brown water when you sink or flush, these are considered more serous symptoms that shouldn’t be waved off easily. Call for the plumber because they have better knowledge and understanding regarding things that are important for repairing and preventing toilet issues at your home.

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