Top Benefits of Prefabricated Homes

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)
Benefits of prefabricated homes
Advantages of prefabricated homes

Prefabricated homes are also very popular as modular homes or prefab. Prefabricated homes are the one which is built in the factory, later transported and then assembled on the site.  People generally has a misconception about prefabricated homes that prefabricated homes are extremely expensive custom home or they also take prefabricated home as manufactured home. But in reality it is not so, prefabricated homes are becoming very popular and common. As a matter of fact it is also not that expensive and can be set in your budget. There are many benefits of opting for prefabricated homes instead of the traditional home which people usually prefer.

  • Design flexibility

One of the top benefits of prefabricated homes is that you are availed with various designs and patters to choose from. You have got hundreds of options from which you can customize the one you find the best. You can also modify the plan which suits the specification of your home as per the local building code. You can either keep single level house or you can also go for multi level house.

  • Reduced construction time

Prefabs are built in a factory, brought to the site and then assembled. You might think it is time consuming but on a contrary it is not so. Instead prefabs take only 30 percent of time compared to the time taken by traditional construction. The reason behind it is that prefabricated homes are built in factory, there are no weather issues. The work can be done in any kind of weather. You are availed with the proper lights and all other things you need according to your choice and time. While in case of traditional home building, you have the weather and have to work accordingly. Along with that there are no issues of theft of materials in case of prefabricated homes.

  • Reduced cost of construction

The costing of prefabricated homes is comparatively lower than the site built homes. This is because the manufacturers of modular homes purchase the building materials in bulk and hence they get it at concessional price. They discount they received reflects in the price you have to pay. Their discount also benefits you at great extent. Apart from the discount perspective, the construction time of prefab house is also less and price is also less, the amount of interest that the home owner have to pay on home loan will be also be reduced hence saving your cost.

  • High quality

In case or prefabricated homes, you assured regarding the quality. As they are manufactured in the same place with same working standard under controlled environment, you are guaranteed about uniform quality. Site based construction depends upon the type of contractor, different workers. Thus it differs from person to person. Along with that, some extent also depends upon weather conditions and thus uniform result cannot be guaranteed. While in case of prefabricated homes, homes are manufactured by skilled workers and they are inspected many times during the process. Thus chances of low quality and errors are very low.

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