Tips To Vent Your Bathroom With Exhaust Fan

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Ways of bathroom ventilation
Ideas of bathroom ventilation

Bathroom is place in your home which has the extreme level of moisture accumulation. It’s very essential to have something in your bathroom which can control the moisture level in your bathroom. For doing so, you need to install some good source of bathroom ventilation. The best ways to install bathroom ventilation and control the humidity in there is to install an exhaust fan in there. Bathroom is by far the most comfortable place for the mold to grow. Having an exhaust fan installed in your bathroom will also keep the mold away from rooting in there. Bathroom is wet, warm and it can remain in the same state if there is lack of proper ventilation. Having a bathroom exhaust fan is the best idea to defeat mold and mildew to make their home in there. Having a bathroom exhaust fan will keep the bathroom dry and humid free. There are various options through which you can route an exhaust fan in your bathroom. There are mainly three options for doing so.

  • From the roof

The first and foremost option of installing exhaust fan in your home is through the roof. Based on the location of your bathroom, it can be quite easy to do your exhaust fan installation in your home through roof. Here you have to run the duct work passing through the fan which is generally through the attic and gets out through the way of roof. For doing this, you have to make a hole cut in the roof. Just because this point, there are plenty of builders who are against this method and they won’t suggest this method to anyone. There are many builder who have the opinion that roof must be cut without any valid reason. Professionals usually go out of their and work just to avoid making any cut or home in the roof. However flashing and roof boots are open for using to prevent water penetration but staying away from any opening on a whole is best option for intruding moisture. The choice is totally yours but taking advice of professionals is always good. This is an option for venting your bathroom with exhaust fan but it must be used as the last option and it will need extra maintenance for the roof area for ensuring that the water is not getting into the home from any way.

  • From the wall

Installing exhaust fan from exterior
Professional installing exhaust fan

Despite of the fact where your bathroom is located, you have the option of venting your bathroom from the wall by installing exhaust fan there. Here also duct work will be connecting the fan to the outside area. The place where bathroom is located will decide the level of extensiveness of the ductwork. Check out the wall properly so that you can find out a short route for installing exhaust fan. Those bathrooms which are away from the exterior walls will have to follow a long and more complicated route for installation of exhaust fan. The benefit of installing exhaust fan in bathroom through walls is that there will not be any cut in the roof and the risk of having leak in the roof is also very much less. Venting in this manner is also supported by the gravity as when the water will hit the side of your home, it will directly run to the ground and instead of getting into the home. Holes will be made on the sides of the wall which can easily take water on them without fear of any leaks.

  • From an exterior wall

You can vent your bathroom and install exhaust fan in there through the exterior wall also. There is a specific type of fan which you can buy and it can be directly vented to your exterior wall from your bathroom. This option for installing exhaust fan in your bathroom seems to be the easiest. For installing exhaust fan in bathroom through exterior walls, you need to install a new electric line. This is the reason why this method is the least popular one among all the methods. This method of installing exhaust fan is not appropriate for DIY people. However if you are remodeling your whole bathroom or you have to do some electric wiring in your bathroom anyway then you can consider going for the option of installation of bathroom exhaust fan. This method can probably reduce the need for routing all the duct work through your house and these fans will also generally dry your bathroom very rapidly.

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Here is the end of all the three methods of installing exhaust fans in bathroom. See all of them, compare them and then decide which method will be best suiting to you in all manners and then opt for the one.  Now when you are installing exhaust fan, you should also consider installation of exhaust fan light along with it. Exhaust fan light is one of the best ways to make your bathroom look beautiful. Exhaust fan will make your bathroom to look bit small but having an exhaust fan light installed along with it will make bathroom to look light and more spacious. Here is a step wise method to install exhaust fan light along with exhaust fan.

  • Choose the type of light

Install exhaust fanlight
Installation of exhaust fan light

There are various types of exhaust fan lights. Before you go for installation, you need to see which types of light you want to go for. See the size, shape and color of the exhaust fan light you want to go for.

  • Cut the holes

When you are installing the exhaust fan, you would already make the cut which you can take into use while installing exhaust fan light. Fit in the light on opening part and then tight it up with the screws.

  • Wire the light

Fit in the electric setting of the light. First switch off the power and then go for it and for safer side call an electrician for doing it.

  • Mount the light

When you are done with electric fitting, it’s now the time to mount the light ad test whether it is working or not.

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