Tips To Replace Damaged Roof Shingles

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Fixing damaged roof shingles
Repairing damaged roof shingles

Maintaining your roof properly tops on the list of serious home repairs. Having damaged roof shingles can really result into big repairs and replacement. Damaged roof shingles is really very much risky for your home and your life too. To need to have a constant check on your roof to check for damaged roof shingles. There are many home owners who don’t take the issue of damaged roof shingles very seriously and they just ignore it. However this is not the right thing to do if you don’t want to risk your life. You need to see and evaluate your roof and find the prevailing problems and get it fixed soon. If you spot any damaged roof shingles, you need to get rid of it and replace it as soon and as efficiently as possible. However replacing damaged roof shingles is not that easy if you are new to these things. You will need some guidance on how to replace damaged roof shingles.  To help you out, here are some of the tips for replacing damaged roof shingles. See the tips and see whether you can replace damaged roof shingles by self or not. If not then you can call the professional and get it fixed. Here are tips for replacing damaged roof shingles.

  • Check for the damage

Check out for the damage are of your roof and see how many shingles are actually damaged and needs to be replaced. Also check out the extent of damage under the damaged roof shingles. Take a look at the corners of the shingles which are surrounded by the damage. Check out whether they are curled up and are they are pulled from the roof or not. Also check for the cracked roof shingles or split shingles. Certain cracked and split shingles are such which can be fixed without any need of removing them. This depends on the condition of the shingles. In case of certain roof, the shingles are extremely damaged and there is no point in taking all of them off and securing the roof again, instead you should consider reroofing your home. The area around the damaged shingles is very much old, dry and brittle and hence it is not worth to take care of it anymore. Also check for moisture issues around the shingles. If one shingle is damaged and due to that the surrounding shingles are also facing moisture issues, you need to consider replacing all of them instead of one.

  • Choose the weather carefully

While replacing damaged roof shingles, you will need asphalt and asphalt sealant. These are those substances which will heat up in the hot weather. This will create more difficulty in removing the old shingles. Removing old shingles will be really easy if the weather is cool and will be moldable and brittle. Hence do the work of replacing damaged roof shingles in cool weather and that too in the morning time before the sun get onto the head? You can also consider making the shingles wet before you get it off. If you have to compulsorily work in heat then wetting them will help to tighten and firm the shingles which will be easier to remove.

  • Get rid of damaged roof shingles

Removing old shingles
Getting rid of old shingles

The adhesive under the damaged roof shingles should be making loose. After that make them free and then pull and then discard them. If the shingles are extremely damaged then repairing them makes no point instead just remove it and replace it with the new one it will be quite easy to remove every single thing before you start with their replacement.

  • Take necessary materials

For replacing damaged roof shingles, you will undoubtedly need new materials. Most of the roofs are in need of three tab asphalt shingles for replacing them with the new one. If your roof is having some different type of shingle then the new one you get should be the exact match of the old one. You will need roofing nails as majority of the three tab shingles are precut and have guide holes which will make the installation easy and simple. For securing them you will probably need roofing nails as they are really strong and is also two to three inches long. One of the major things you will need for replacement is shingle itself. Buy the needed amount of shingles from the home improvement store. In fact buy some more than you actually need, this will ensure that you don’t have to run back to the store in case of any emergency. For attaching the shingles, you also need adhesive or shingle cement. There are certain shingles which come up with adhesive strips which are preinstalled; in such case buying adhesive is not compulsory. On the other hand if you are buying unbaked shingles then you will be in need of additional adhesive for securing them with your roof before nailing them. You can also use to fix other loose shingles on your roof.

  • Attach new shingles

After you are done with removing old damaged roof shingles and buying the new materials, now it’s the time to attach new shingles. Put the new shingle in the exact position of the old one you removed. If your shingles are backed up with adhesive strips then you must take off the covering and then push them back into the place. Use the nails to secure them in the exact place. Majority of the shingles will be having pre cutted holes for nailing them. Basically there would be three holes for one shingle.

  • Tighten the loose shingles

It’s not only to replace the damaged roof shingles, but you also need to repair them as well if you are not replacing it. There would be certain loose roofshingles as well while you are working also put some nails on the loose shingles so that they don’t come off with high winds and needs replacement.

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