Tips To Paint Your Garage Door

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)
Ways for painting garage door
Tips for painting garage door

Your garage door is exposed to plenty of elements. Over some period of time, it can fade away or get rust and hence you need to paint your garage door over some period of time to make it look like new again. Painting garage door is by far a cheap fix and it will also not too much of time. Your garage door is not just for protecting your vehicles and other things kept in your garage but are also an essential part of the exteriors of your home which should not look dull and make your entire home to look bad and hence if it looks bad, you must take some steps and g for painting your garage door. Hence just like you care for the other parts of your home, you also need to care for your garage door and give it a touch up by painting it. Painting your garage door is not that of a difficult job, you just need to locate the exact area, choose a shade of your like, take the needed equipment’s and roll on very smoothly and give it a new look. See it’s that easy. A new paint coat will also save you against horrible weather conditions and give an eye catching point for making your home look very attractive for several years to come. Hence if you are seriously considering painting your garage door then you will need some tips which will help you and guide you to get the desired result of painting your garage door. Here are some of the useful and essential tips for painting your garage door.

  • Choose right day and right weather

Weather conditions and the day you choose for painting your garage door makes a big difference in doing the job. This plays a very important role in the quality of the exterior paint that too when it is fresh. Choose a day when the weather is mild and clear as this kind of day is perfect for painting your garage door. Try to pick a day which is not too much hot or humid or too much cold. Be aware of the precipitation and if three is too much moisture while you are painting your garage door, it can undo all of your hard work and you will have to do it all over again for getting better result.  It’s not just the day on which you are painting your garage door; you must also see that the next coming years after the painting is done should also be clear. If the coming days are also clear, it will give proper chance to the new paint to set. Generally weekends are consider proper taking up the job of painting your garage door and you will have sufficient amount of time on weekends and you can do the work with more ease and comfort and won’t have to leave the job in middle due to lack of time.

  • Clean up your garage door
Cleaning garage door with brush
Homeowner Cleaning garage door

Before you paint any place including your garage door, it’s very important that you give your garage a deep cleaning. Wipe up any of the dirt, dust or grime which is clinging up on the outer surface of the door. Scrub the door from the top side to the bottom side very accurately. Also consider the sides of the garage door while cleaning and also take into the corners while cleaning your garage. If you are painting a filthy garage door then it would be very difficult to paint it and it might result in uneven and sloppy finish of the door which would really look very ugly. There are several professional advising to use only specific cleaners for cleaning your garage door but keeping their advice on a side, there will be no harm if you are cleaning your garage door with warm and soapy water. You can use sponge for cleaning it. After cleaning it with soapy solution, rinse it with clean water and then wipe it off by using dry towel before painting your garage door. Make sure to not to paint your garage door when the surface is wet.

  • Lay a drop cloth

When you are painting your garage door, it’s not only the door where paint will go, the paint will spill on rest of the area also and cleaning it later on would be pain in head and also hand. To avoid this scenario it’s advisable to place drop cloth around the garage door so the rest of the area doesn’t get dirty saving you from cleaning them. You can also use sheets of newspaper for doing so. This drop cloths and sheets of newspaper will also save the floor from getting dirty by the debris and dirt falling from the garage door while cleaning it.

  • Tape the area that you don’t want to be painted

Make use of painters tape and cover those areas which you don’t like to be pain ted and which can’t be moved. Tape the areas like edge of the door where it meets up the home or the one surround ding the stucco or brick. This can be saving you up from lots of scraping and scouring on the later stage. This will save your task from getting messy. Apply this tape with accuracy and care. Apply wide rolls of tape to avoid any marginal error.

  • Choose proper paint color
Choosing appropriate paint color
Choosing paint color for garage door

While painting your garage door, choosing the right color is also very much important. Garage door is such a place which can get dirty very easily and very often and hence it’s advisable to choose a color with dark shade. If you are choosing light colored paint then it will probably get dirty very soon and you will have to paint your garage door again. Garage door is an exterior part of your home which is exposed to sun light, snow and rain and hence choose a paint which can combat with all these weather conditions in proper manner.

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