Tips To Paint Your Basement Floor

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Tips of painting basement floor
Method of painting basement floor

Basement is such a place which is ignored from cleaning and maintenance but if you are one of those homeowners and you really think about caring for your basement then one of the tips for doing so is to paint your basement floor. Painting your basement floor will increase the appeal of your basement to a whole different level. Basement generally looks old and dull and unattractive but painting your basement floor will make it look fresh and beautiful. Painting your basement floor will make the overall appearance of the room more beautiful and will also help to cover up the imperfections of the basement. The maintenance of basement floor will also become easier by painting it. However painting your basement lots of pros but the process is not that simple. You have to do a lot of preparation before you actually paint your basement floor. The first thing to do before you paint your basement floor is to clean it deeply. If you paint your basement floor without cleaning it then you might not get the desired result which you have thought of. If you are painting your basement floor by yourself then make sure you have sufficient time for that. Painting your basement floor is a heavy duty job and for being a pro at that, you have to take out minimum one whole day. If you have your mind set for painting your basement floor then you will be in need of basement floor painting tools and some tips to help you out. Here is a stepwise process of painting your basement floor.

  • Check the conditions

Before you initiate the project of painting your basement floor, you must see whether the conditions are appropriate or not as concrete can be a difficult thing to paint. Concrete must be treated in some specified manner to make the paint stick to the surface properly. This can be done if there is some specified level of temperature and the weather id dry and not humid. Check out the humidity level in your basement before painting your basement floor. Tap the piece of paper on the floor and let it sit there for time period of 24 hours. If you find any condensation on the plastic then it means that moisture can seep through your basement floor. If you see the moisture on the outside part of the plastic then it means that your room is extremely humid. You can opt for using a dehumidifier to make the conditions appropriate for painting your basement floor. If you find the water on the under part of the plastic then it means that the moisture is making the room through your concrete. For getting rid of this issue, you can clean the downspouts and gutters. This will eliminate the problem from base. Make sure you are not going to opt for painting your basement floor if the temperature of your room is more than 90 degrees and if the temperature is lower than 40 degrees then also you cannot opt for painting your basement floor.

  • Go for deep cleaning your basement floor

Cleaning your basement floor
Basement floor cleaning

You need to make your concrete floor prepared for making sure that the pain t will prope3rly adhere to the floor. Before you start to paint your basement floor, you need to move out all the piece of furniture from the area which is going to be painted. The paint which you are using for painting your basement floor will have a chemical component which needs to be applied in timely manner. You will have a need to paint the whole room just by once and hence you need to put your furniture at someplace else other than your basement. Before painting your basement floor, you need to sweep your floor and don’t forget to clean the baseboards. Ensure that any kind of debris or dirt is not able to ruin your painting work. If there is grease or oil on the floor then you need to make use of any degreasing cleaning solution to get rid of it and getting a clean surface for paint. Make a mixture of detergent and water and scrub your basement floor with that. You can also use a heavy brush for that. You also need to make sure that your floor is free of grime so that the paint will stick to it properly. Mop your floor with clean and clear water and then allow the surface to dry properly so that there are no moisture issues prevailing while painting your basement floor. If your floor is having any imperfections like crack or any other thing then you need to repair it before painting your basement floor by using a concrete patch kit and trowel. You can easily get this kit at any of the home improvement store. One of the essential tip while painting your basement floor is that you must tape up the perimeter of the floor with masking tape. This will let the job to finish more easily and quickly.

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  • Choose proper paint

Choosing the type of paint
Selecting the type of paint

Now for getting the desired result, you have to be extra careful while choosing the paint. You can go for epoxy floor paint as it can be considered as ideal choice for concrete. This paint are basically scuff resistant and can easily adhere properly with concrete and are also very easy to use. Mix up your epoxy floor paint with catalyst. This will make the paint to get hard more easily and quickly. This means that once mix up the paint with it, you have get started with the job instantly. Paint the baseboards and also the fixtures with a brush. For painting the rest of the surface area, you might consider using a roller. Start painting from the corner back of the basement. Before you start applying the second coat of paint, make sure that the previous surface is dry throughout. Ensure that you are mixing catalyst and epoxy every single time you paint the concrete floor.

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