Tips to Paint Concrete Wall

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2017)
Painting concrete wall by yourself
DIY Painting concrete wall

You might have learned about painting your wall and you might also have pain ted your walls several times but when it comes to painting concrete wall then it is different from painting normal Walls. Painting concrete wall is difficult as compared to that if painting normal walls. If you are not experienced in painting normal walls also then it’s better to hand over this job in the hands of professional only. But if you have some sought of experience in painting and you think you can handle the job of painting concrete wall then you must definitely go for it. Going for DIY painting concrete wall will help you save some bucks Painting is not a job which cannot be done again if something goes wrong and hence you can try painting one wall of concrete and see the result. If you think it’s good then you should go for painting rest of the walls of your room. However there are many things to consider while painting concrete walls or else the task can go wrong. Painting concrete wall can spruce the area and it can also make it blend in with the other décor of your home. It’s very essential to pick a color which goes with rest of the décor of your room or else can look mismatch. Choosing the appropriate type of concrete paint is very essential task while painting concrete wall. You also need to take care as to whether the wall is sealed from the moisture properly or not. You must consider applying primer before painting concrete walls. Make sure you are following these things correctly while painting concrete walls for getting the optimum result out of it.  Here are some of the extra steps which will helpful while painting your concrete walls and making the best of it.

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Steps for painting concrete walls

  • Collect the supplies for paint

Tools used for painting
Different Tools for painting

The first and the foremost step of painting concrete walls are to collect all the useful supplies. You cannot start your job without making proper preparations or else your project will be very slow and will be getting delayed and you would bored of t very soon and leave it on the middle of the way only. Here is a list of things to be used.

  • Trowel
  • Roller
  • Scrub brush
  • Power washer
  • Concrete paint
  • Concrete primer
  • Tape
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Concrete paint sealer
  • Safety gears
  • Concrete patch
  • Pick right type of concrete paint

It’s very essential to select right type of concrete paint for your project. You will need the type of paint which is resistant to moisture and also to the sunlight. You can consider choosing an oil based paint as it can also do your work and suitable for your project. If you are going to paint your basement walls which are of concrete, then there are many specific basement paints available in plenty of home improvement stores. You can go for trying interior acrylic paint for painting your basement.

  • Clean your walls

ways of cleaning concrete walls
cleaning concrete walls before paint

It is advisable to clean your walls before you go for painting concrete walls. If you are painting exterior concrete surface then it is advisable to use power washer for washing your concrete wall. Remove all the dust and dirt by using power washer. However if you are going to paint interior concrete wall then go for scrubbing the interior walls by making use of soapy water along with a scrub brush. Using power washer for cleaning interior surface is not much advisable as it can damage the interior walls and also interior walls are not as dirtier as that of exterior walls to be cleaned y power washer. Get rid of the cobwebs or else you will not get desired result of painting concrete walls.

  • Repair your concrete wall

Before you paint concrete wall, it is extremely important to repair any cracks on the wall if any. If there is any crack or blemishes on your concrete wall then you should consider repairing it by using concrete patch. Create a concrete patch mixture by following the directions written on the pack. Fill up any holes on the wall and then use a trowel for smoothing the patch and match it with the rest of the surface of the wall.

  • Inspect the wall for moisture

If you will paint concrete wall which is not properly sealed then it will lead to improper adhering of the paint on the wall. Tape up the plastic sheathing with the wall. Make sure to get the sheeting as much air tight as possible. Check out the plastic after 24 hours. If you find the moisture appearing in the plastic then you will have to seal the wall properly. If you don’t find any moisture then it means that the wall is sealed already.

  • Seal your concrete wall

Roll one of the coats of concrete sealer and then let it dry overnight. You will find this concrete sealer at any of the home improvement stores or any of the hardware stores.

  • Apply concrete primer

You can make use of brushes or roller for applying the paint to the wall. Make sure that you have primer in even manner despite of the fact which technique you are using. Let the primer get dry for 24 hours. If the wall is still visible through the primer then you can consider applying one more coat.

  • Paint with concrete paint

Ensure to apply the paint in minimum three thin layers. This paint must be sprayed on the wall and then rolled on and also painted on properly with the brush. Paint in a way that there is no visible stroke marks on the wall. Let it dry for minimum 24 hours.

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Extra tips


  • Make sure to put on safety gears while painting concrete wall. Wear your safety goggles and gloves.
  • Wear old clothes which you don’t need any more while painting concrete wall as it is likely to get very dirty and in a condition that you will not be able to use it again.


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