Tips To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Larger

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)
Small bathroom look larger with smart ideas
Ways to make Small bathroom look larger

Small bathrooms are a trouble to use but sometimes we don’t have choice to expand it. In such situations you always find such ways which can help your small bathroom to look larger. Your current bathroom can be a total mess with small space but a little change and you will see a transformation of your small bathroom looking larger. Making huge renovations is not the way out to make your small bathroom look larger; the changes can be seen through some cheap, easy and terrific ways. If you have a feeling that your bathroom is small and yet you want a feel of looking it large and huge, follow the below mentioned tips which will act as perfect guide to make your small bathroom look larger.

  • Use light colors

The easiest and the most effective way of making your small bathroom look larger is making use of bright paint colors. However many people have opinion that white color comes at prime position in making your small bathroom look larger. Anyways this is never ending subject of debate. Light and brightly colored are a good choice for small bathroom as these colors create a reflective image on the walls and make your bathroom space to look more airy and open. Apart from this light colors give feeling of natural light which we usually like. Icy blue, cream and soft variation of green and blue are the suggested colors for your small bathroom look larger.

  • Keep everything same tone

As we discussed earlier that light colors will help you to make your small bathroom look larger,but that does not mean you should have the same color all over your bathroom. You can have varieties and variations in your bathroom. But if you really desire to make your small bathroom look larger than you have to make sure that the colors you choose must be of similar tone. Light colored walls are the best but if you make mistake of installing dark colored tile on the floor then it will not give the result you desired for. The light colors will not be able to stand out and these dark colors will clog up your and it will show up how much small your bathroom really is.

  • Blend tile color and wall color

If you really don’t want the same color all over your bathroom still want to make your small bathroom look larger here is the solution. You should blend your shower tile and wall color and your small bathroom will not look so small. Your entire bathroom will look like a continuous space if you blend your wall color and shower tile.

  • Paint ceiling and wall with same color

You might have observed that the trend of similar and bright color is increasing, the same thing also suits with ceiling and wall colors. One problem you8 face with small bathroom is small ceiling, using dark color will make it look low thus use the same color you selected for wall and it will make look your bathroom larger and spacious.

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