Tips to Make Your Roof Last As Long As Possible

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)
Make your roof long lasting
Tips to make your roof long lasting

Once done with the roof, most of the people never turn around and pay attention to their roof and prevailing issues in their it. This might be the reason why there are cases of roof collapse or roof leaks. Installing is not the last thing you should do, regular maintenance and proper care is also very essential. Care and maintenance helps your roof to stay out of problems and indeed increases its life. You must be aware how much it cost to install a new roof. It is really costly and expensive. If you want to stay away from those expenses, here are some of the tips which if followed help your roof to last for a long period of time.


  • Clean the gutters

Faded paint on your siding and having a wet basement are the most common issues which are caused by the clogged gutters. But even after these things no action is taken then it might cause the flow of the gutter to go upward and it starts damaging your roof. The water of the clogged gutter weeps into the roof sheathing and it even rot the roof rafters. To fix this kind of damages cost lots of dollars but of course it can be avoided by cleaning the gutter on a regular basis. At least every fall and spring you should clean it. If you are a handy man and comfortable doing it yourself it is the best possible thing.

  • Remove leaves

If your roof is simple peaked which is surrounded by low landscaping, then your it stays clean automatically without putting any effort. But if it is situated on complicated place or if there are high and towering trees around your trees, then piles of leaves will be collected on the roof valleys and nearby the chimney. It these leaves are not removed timely then they will collect moisture and will decompose on the roof. After that this moisture will start accumulating on the roof and it will create a fertile ground on the it for the weeds to grow. If you are having low slope roof then leaves can be dragged down simply with the help of car washing brush. There is also a tool for keeping your roof clean which is called roof leaf rake. Apart from this you can also make use of leaf blower. Especially the dry leaves can be removed by so but you need to go up the roof and use it.

  • Get rid of moss

In most of the countries, roofs are covered with black algae. But this is not big issue. It can be cleaned easily; you just need to take a little chlorine bleach and detergent which should be mixed up with water and spray on the roof. This will help kill the black algae. Apart from the algae, you will also find moss growing on your roof. This is specifically seen on composition shingles or wood. Moss nearly looks like algae only but it dangerous to your roof and it needs to be cleaned off as it traps water. If you discover it at an early stage then it can be just seep off your roof. If the moss is in huge quantity, then you first need to kill the moss. You can clean it with potassium salts and fatty acids. This will help you to get rid of moss. After that apply the soap and wash it off with water. Once your roof is cleaned completely and moss is totally gone, you should focus on investing into zinc strips it will stop it from coming back.

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