Tips To Make Your Basement Smell Good

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Basement cleaning ways
Basement cleaning ideas

You would probably be spending a lot of time in keeping your bedroom; living room and kitchen good and also keep them smell good. After all this cleaning also, you might be feeling some stinky feeling in your home. If you are wondering with all these thorough cleaning of all these rooms of your home, how come your home still smells bad then the answer is your basement. You would throw all the efforts in keeping the upper part of the house clean and fresh and you would ignore the underground part of home. Yes it does exist and maintaining it is also an inevitable part of your job. When ignore your basement cleaning, the dirt, mildew, mold and such things gets accumulated and it starts smelling bad. This smell will also reach easily up to your upper part of the home and despite of all your efforts of cleaning it, your upper part of home will smell bad only. Any guest, friends or relatives will observe this thing and it will leave a bad impact of your home. However, you don’t want this to happen and hence you have to take some effective steps to make your basement smell good.

Basement is an underground place and hence it has a tendency to build up quite a lot of moisture and even the smell from basement leak and the tarnish will spread out in the whole home. A combination of moisture and no sunlight is never going to make your basement smell good. Hence you need to make out the ways to make your basement smell good and keep it that way. Here are some of the tips which can help you to make your basement smell good.

  • Find the origin of smell

Getting rid of basement smell
Dumping away basement smell

To make your basement smell good, you need to find the origin from where the smell is coming from.  Majority of the basement have this earthy and musty smell which is caused by mildew. Mildew is basically a type of fungus and it develops in the area with warm and humid climate which has lack of appropriate lighting. This humidity is created by the leaky pipes or it can also be created by the cold and hot pipes which can basically cause condensation in the appropriate temperature. Hence if you want to make your basement smell good, you need to get rid of this fungus. The main area of these being found is behind the basement walls or in the ceiling tiles or in the crawlspace or even in the small carnies and nooks.

  • Get rid of objects with mold

When you come across the source of this musty smell, you are available with two options for making your basement smell good. The first option is to clean each and every object which is affected by the mold and mildew and another option is to throw away each and every item which is affected by this thing. You can choose either of the ways to make your basement smell good. Whichever option you choose, you have to bring all the stuff affected by this mold and mildew out of your basement so that your basement is allowed to breathe and let this dirty odor get out of it. Spot all those stuff which are affected by the mildew and decide what you want to do with them. If it is very much important and expensive clean them and on a contrary, if it is not important then consider throwing it off.

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If you have books and papers in basement then you cannot make your basement smell good until you have them, so the only alternative you have left with is to throw them. If you don’t do so, the smell will prevail again in your basement. If they are essential and you cannot throw it then consider packing them in an air tight container to stop its smell from spreading in your basement.

If you have clothes stored in your basement and if you want to make your basement smell good then you have to laundry all your clothes properly and get rid of the musty smell from them. If this bad smell has affected the piece of furniture or carpet or any such thing then you need to keep this things in the sun and let them dry properly. This will definitely help in making your basement smell good. Also consider cleaning them with broom or any damp cloth to make them properly clean. In certain cases, drying in sun will not be enough to make your basement smell good. In that case, you might consider replacing your old and infected furniture with the new one.

  • Clean your basement

Fixing basement issues
Repairing basement issues

Once you have emptied your entire basement, you will now have to focus on the cleaning part. To make your basement smell good, you have to give it a deep cleaning. You have to clean each and every part of your basement including the fixtures, walls, floors and such things. This will remove each and every particle which is carrying the smell and end up making your basement smell good. While cleaning your basement, make sure to wear face mask, protective gloves to protect your hands and face. The smell would be very strong and to get rid of that you will need some heavy duty cleaning solution. If you want to go for homemade cleaning solution, you can go for using vinegar as it will clean up the surface and also work strongly for removing stinky smell. Try to use less amount of solution while cleaning your basement. After cleaning, keep the fans, exhaust and all the windows open to let the moisture get out of the room and letting the room dry properly.

  • Search for other reasons

In several cases, the cause of basement smell is leaky pipe or any such other plumbing issue. If you want to make your basement smell good, you need to fix this issues on first hand.

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