Tips To Maintain Your Lawn

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Maintaining your lawn
Tips of Maintaining your lawn

For maintaining your lawn, you don’t need flood of chemicals. The things which you need to maintain your lawn and keep it beautiful is regular and careful watering, mowing and also proper fertilisation which will help to grow a healthy lawn which is enough for resisting disease, weeds and also droughts on its own. If you facing this issues even now then you have to adjust your soil or change your gardening habits which can generally bring recovery. Here are some of the tips to maintain your lawn. Follow this lawn maintenance tips to make it more beautiful.

  • Prepare your area for planting

If you have not done the lawn installation till date then you should see this checklist and follow it properly before getting started.

  • Remove weeds ad old grass by using a grape hoe or even sod cutter. Make sure you are not using herbicides.
  • Grade up your soil to a 1 or 2% and create a slope which is running away from the building.
  • Improve the quality of the soil, if you find it a necessity and then smoothly rake in the fertilizer.
  • Water up the soil properly and then leave to for one week so that it gets settled properly.
  • Fill up a garden roller which is filled with water 1/3 and then roll it lightly over the soil.
  • Choose type of grass

Choosing types of grass
Picking types of grass

Take out some time and select the species of grass you want in your lawn. For maintaining your lawn in the long run it is essential that you select the grass type which is suitable with the area, climate and the type of soil you have. For maintaining your lawn, make proper research before you pick the type of grass, don’t go for just hot season or cool season, and choose a grass type which fits in with all the seasons. You will also have to choose in between seed and sod Seed will come much inexpensive and it would also be very much easier to install but it have a drawback that it will take much time to come in a usable condition. If you want to maintain your lawn and want to come sooner in your ground then you must opt for choosing sod. Sod will ask for time and effort and if you can give it then go for it. Maintaining your lawn will be must if you are choosing sod over seeds. Sod must be moist and there should not be any dry or cracked areas.

  • Install your new lawn

If you were bad with the old lawn and not able to maintain your lawn then you must be extra careful while installing your new lawn. Break your lawns into sections for making this work more manageable and easy. Make use of lawn spreader for planting the seeds, after that sow half of the seeds by walking in parallel rows. The other half must be sowed in right angle with the first row. Very softly rake the 1/8 inch of the soil on the seeds. For installing the sod, you must lay the sod from one end to another end in a staggered row. You must also lay the bricks and also trim out the edges for fitting it with a utility knife.

  • Water your lawn

Watering your lwan
Carefully watering your lawn

For maintaining your lawn, you must water your lawn in regular manner. It’s very much important to water in right manner after sowing. Make sure to water lightly for avoiding the washing away of seeds. For maintaining your lawn, repeat this every day till the grass blades will start to appear. This will take time period of about 10 to 14 days after planting of seeds. For maintaining your lawn, where you planted sows, you have to water heavily for ten days in the early morning till the time the soil under the sod is wet properly.

  • Stay off your lawn

For maintaining your lawn, you must avoid walking on the lawn at least for the first week of the installation of the sod and also try to go very easy and light for the first month on your lawn. Seed takes more time to become established. For maintaining your lawn, stay off your lawn till the time blade starts to appear on it and then use it as light as possible for the time period of six months. Once the seed grows till the height of 2 to 3 inch, try and roll it with an empty garden roller. Make sure to not to mow a seed grown lawn till it reaches the height of 3 to 4 inches. After that you can mow t but only i/2 inch for some few days till the lawn gets pretty much established and healthy.

  • Water occasionally but very deeply

For maintaining your lawn, you need to make the roots of your grass healthy. Deep roots will make your lawn very much lush and also healthy. Promote the root growth by heavily watering it. After that let the top 2 inches of the soil remain dry before watering it again. The total amount of water you need to give to your lawn depends upon variety of grass and weather conditions. Watering the lawn in the late evening or early in the morning is advisable for reducing the water loss from the evaporation.

  • Let your lawn grow dormant

Many of the species of grass survive in the dry and hot months by just going dormant. The leaves of the upper part turns on to brown but the inner roots which are there underground will be alive for several months. If you are maintaining your lawn in proper manner and also watering it and then also it keeps on turning brown no matter how much you try then let it go dormant. It can be considered as a healthier option instead of constantly rescuing it from the brink. Majority of the dormant grass don’t need any type of watering, it can manage itself very well in the dry and hot season also.

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