Tips To Install Linoleum Flooring

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)
Home having Linoleum flooring
Linoleum flooring in home

Linoleum flooring is great choice for installing it in your home. One of the major benefits of installing linoleum flooring in home is that it is ecofriendly material. Hence if you are fond of using ecofriendly products and save the environment then installing linoleum flooring would be perfect choice for you. Linoleum is made up from linseed oil and also from wood dust. This thing makes this material ready for being instantly renewable and also very natural and also easily recycled product. Linoleum is extremely durable material and it is also highly affordable. If installation of linoleum flooring is done properly, this type of flooring can last for 30 years or even more than that. Linoleum flooring is also such type of flooring which doesn’t need much maintenance and installing linoleum flooring is also quite easy. One of the best things about installing linoleum flooring is that it’s a DIY project and you can save some of your money by installing it yourself. For installing linoleum flooring in your home, first of all you need to know what linoleum is.

What is linoleum?

Linoleum was invented in the year 1860 by Englishman Fredrick Walton and then he patented is formula for making linoleum. In the year 1864 he commercially started manufacturing linoleum as a flooring product and then by the year 1869, this flooring material was available in US. Installing linoleum flooring in the home is considered as best choice for homes as it was quite inexpensive and it was also very suitable ion the high traffic areas as well. This was very popular for being used in the areas like hallways and such other passages but soon it gained the most popularity in the place it’s majorly used and that is kitchen. It has a naturally water resistant property and it is also highly resilient making it very easy to stand on for longer period of time along with being low maintenance. However this was basic introduction to what linoleum is. Now if you want to know the installation of linoleum flooring, here are some of the steps following them effectively will teach you to install them in your home.

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Process to install Linoleum flooring

  • Making preparations

Linoleum flooring planks installation
Installing Linoleum flooring planks

One thing you have to be careful about is that all the baseboards must be removed and there should be proper inspection of the sub floor to see that it is leveled properly and is quite sturdy. Get rid of any staples or nails as these are going to poke through your linoleum floor eventually and this can be big hazard in its installation. If you find the surface to be rough and uneven then you must cover it by using ¼ inch of plywood sheeting. You must staple or nail the plywood in every eight inches on the middle part so that you can make a level base for installing the linoleum.

  • Get the material

You must add buffer to 10% to the width and length of the room, the measurement of which have been taken by you before you bought the material for your flooring. If there is any material which is left over without completing the installation then you must keep them as it will helpful in later stage while making any kind of repair or even doing replacement in future date.

  • Locate the center

Make a chalk line from the center of each of the wall so when you see them intersecting, it is the center of the room. This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to locate the center. You cannot take the risk of starting off from any random point and hence you have the center of the room where you want to install linoleum flooring.

  • Make a dry run

Lay down the dry tiles and start laying it from the centre of the outward part of any wall. Also see whether there is any piping coming from the sub floor or not. It’s very important to check these things while installing linoleum flooring in your home.

  • Cut down the tiles

Linoleum flooring tiles cutting
Cutting linoleum flooring tiles

You have to cut the tiles while installing linoleum flooring. You can make use of utility knife and cut off any tiles which are used for fitting along the walls. Make sure you are not applying any adhesive at this point.

  • Apply adhesive

Initiate to apply the adhesive and lay down the tiles in the small area which is of 5 foot. Adhesive should be applied after you have decided the layout. Make use of circular motion while you are applying adhesive, make use of trowel and apply it in circular motion. Pick one tile at one time and install it. After you are done with applying adhesive, press the tile tightly in its place before going to the next one. Repeat the same process till the entire linoleum floor has been installed.

  • Roll the tiles

Take a 100 LB floor roller and apply it to the tile laid on the floor to make sure that the installation is secure and firm. If you are not having floor roller and don’t want to buy one then you can also rent it from any tool rental centre. After that go for installing all the baseboards and trim on the floor again.

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Extra tips



One of the essential things to be taken care of while installing linoleum flooring is to cut it properly. You will need little knowledge about cutting linoleum before you go for its installation and do proper planning. Proper planning will lead you to efficient cutting. One of the easy ways to make a paper template of the room is to ensure proper accuracy. Trying out this technique will save you up from making many mistakes and ultimately saves you time and money.

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